President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday evening announces the restriction of all movements in Lagos, Ogun and the FCT for 14 days. The President, however, exempted some commercial activities and services; find below the List of Businesses and Services Exempted from Coronavirus Lockdown

1. Hospitals and all related medical establishments as well as organizations in healthcare-related manufacturing and distribution.

2. Food processing, distribution, and retail companies;

3. Petroleum distribution and retail entities

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4. Power generation, transmission and distribution companies

5. Private security companies

6. Workers in telecommunication companies, broadcasters, print and electronic media staff who can prove they are unable to work from home.

7. All seaports in Lagos

8. Vehicles and drivers conveying essential cargoes from Ports to other parts of the country

43. All vehicles conveying food and other essential humanitarian items into Lagos, Ogun and Abuja from other parts of the country.