The Governing Council and Management of Grooming Centre, a leading Microfinance Institution in Nigeria, are pleased to announce the 2020 Grooming Centre University Grant Scheme. The aim of the scheme, which is the second in the series, is to catalyze research and knowledge development in the areas of microfinance, rural development inclusive finance, social enterprise, MSME and women in development.

The 2020 University Grant will be awarded to 100 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate students who we currently carrying out their research studies in the areas of either microfinance, rural development, inclusive finance, social enterprise, MSME and women In development.

• The applicant must be either a student at the postgraduate and undergraduate level in a Nigeria tertiary institution whose research study is in the area of either microfinance, rural development, inclusive finance, social enterprise, MSME and men in development
• The focus of the research study must be relevant to the Nigerian context, practical, innovative and should be capable of promoting any of the above areas of interest, in the Nigerian space
• The research must show a high level of originality, imaginative thought and be data inclusive
• The applicant must be a student at an NUC NBTE approved Nigeria University or polytechnic
• The applicant must submit a written recommendation from his/her project supervisor.
• The applicant must submit a research proposal of not less than 25 pages which will include an introduction a literature review, and research methodology along with candidate’s personal profile. The candidate will also submit a final soft copy of the research project on completion of the study
• (There are no age, gender, religious or ethnic barriers to application)

All entries must be submitted in soft copy to

Submission opens on 30 September 2020 and closes on the 8 of October, 2020,

For More Information on Grooming Research Grant, Please Contact: