The African Reinsurance Corporation (“Africa Re” or “the Corporation”) is an international organisation with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, with a dual commercial and developmental mandate focused on the African insurance sector.

Africa Re has six regional offices: Casablanca (Morocco), Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Nairobi (Kenya), Lagos (Nigeria), Cairo (Egypt) and Ebène (Mauritius). In addition, Africa Re wholly owns four operating subsidiaries, namely: Africa Re South Africa Limited (Johannesburg, South Africa), Sherborne Number Ten Investment Limited (Johannesburg, South Africa), Africa Retakaful Company (Cairo, Egypt) and Africa Re Underwriting Agency Limited (Dubai International Financial Centre, United Arab Emirates). The Corporation is an admitted reinsurer in Brazil and has contact offices in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Khartoum (Sudan) with an additional Underwriting Representative Office in Kampala (Uganda). Africa Re has a fully registered foundation (Africa Re Foundation) based in Ebène (Mauritius) that oversees all Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

The Corporation, created by a multilateral agreement in 1976, is owned by 42 member states of the African Union (AU), the African Development Bank (AfDB), 113 African insurance and reinsurance companies and three leading global insurance and reinsurance groups. The Corporation has been assigned a financial strength and credit rating of “A” by A.M. Best and “A-” by Standard & Poor’s, both a with Stable Outlook.

Africa Re has an 11-floor Head Office Building situated at Victoria Island, Lagos and two (2) Management residences located at Victoria Island and Ikoyi respectively.

The Head Office Building has a ground floor and ten (10) upper floors with a total office area of 7347.43 m2 with parking areas located on the 1st and 2nd floors. The building is located on Plot 1679 Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Africa Re seeks to invite interested, competent and reputable Property Management Service providers with office in Lagos, Nigeria to submit both technical and financial proposals for the provision of property management services for the building.

The services required shall include but not limited to the following:

(1) Comprehensive marketing and advertisement of lettable spaces including tenant screening, selection and timely rent collection.

(2) Lease management services involving regular inspection and provision of cost effective and reliable maintenance services.

(3) In conjunction with the Administration & General Services Department engage and supervise third party staff engaged for property management services namely cleaning & janitorial services, lift maintenance, generators maintenance, security services amongst others.

(4) Jointly draw up a service budget and manage the service charge account for the provision of services in collaboration with Administration & General Services Department’s designated officers.

(5) Maintain all records of costs relating to leases, rental collections, and maintenance amongst others.

(6) In liaison with the Administration & General Services Department, provide on a quarterly basis to the occupants of the building, an updated service charge account of all incomes and spending relating to services.

(7) Provide an efficient management of our properties to ensure that our properties are well-rated in terms of maintenance costs and that they will always be an attractive lease with a high renewal rate.

To facilitate the analysis of responses to this RFP, the responding vendors are required to prepare their proposals following the instructions outlined in this section. The firms/vendors whose proposals deviate from these instructions would be considered non-responsive and may be disqualified at the discretion of Africa Re.

Proposals should be clear and comprehensive. It should provide a straightforward, concise description of the vendor’s capabilities to meet the requirements of the RFP. Emphasis should be laid on accuracy, completeness and clarity of content. All parts, pages, figures and tables should be numbered and clearly labelled. The proposal should be organized into the following major sections:

(4.1) Executive Summary
This part of the response to the RFP should be limited to a brief narrative highlighting the Property Manager’s proposal. The summary should contain as few technical details as possible and should be oriented towards non-technical personnel. The Executive Summary should not include cost quotations.

(4.2) Experience of the Property Manager
The Property Manager is expected to provide information to enable Africa Re to evaluate their stability, capability and ability. Africa Re may require additional documentation for clarification.

The Property Manager should demonstrate that they have undertaken similar works with other organizations comparable in nature, size and reputation. References, where existing, should be added as appendices.

[Using the format below, the Property Manager should provide information on each relevant Organization/Client for which they have provided facility management services similar to the one requested in this RFP. Each Organization should not exceed a page.)
Client Name 
Name/Description of Client 
Client’s Contact Person 
Client’s Contact Address 
Description of Engagement/Services provided 
Portfolio of properties managed 

The Property Manager is expected to:

(a) Have a knowledge of Africa Re’s business, and structure,

(b) Have clarity and a good understanding of the project, its objectives and desired outcomes;

(c) Be a change champion and be result-driven.

(4.3) Approach and Methodology
This section requires the Property Manager to detail how they intend to provide facility management services and guarantee an efficient management of our properties in Lagos. They are expected to explain their understanding of our request, the approach to be adopted, to provide the facility management services and the expected output.

(4.4) Work Plan and Timelines
The main activities for the property management services should be outlined here. The work plan should be consistent with the schedule for deliverables.

(4.5) Organisation and Staffing
The proposed structure and composition of the team should be provided along with the list of the key staff responsible as well as other technical and support staff and their curriculum vitae / resumes should be added as appendices. The Property Managers must select/propose staff for the assignment based on the needs of, and their full availability for the project. The resumes should, at the minimum, highlight the professional qualifications, certifications, number of years working for the firm and other organizations, as well as the nature and degree of responsibility held in various past assignments.

(4.6) Material and Equipment
A detailed list of all materials and specific equipment which will be used by the Property Manager for his operation should be added as appendices. The list should provide information about the characteristics of the material and products as well as all risks related to their uses. As for machines and tools, the list must include the type, the power rating and also all risks related to their uses. Africa Re also expect that the Property Manager brings in new technologies to optimize efficiency and reduce the building carbon foot print.

(4.7) Cost Quotations
All applicable cost elements relating to the engagement should be included in the proposal. If necessary, the cost quotations (excluding VAT and other taxes) can be itemized according to the services proposed and the deliverables.

The audited financial statements of the company for the last three (3) years should also be included in the proposal with the following additional information.

How long has the company been in business? 
How long has the company been providing the proposed property management services? 
The number of employees in the company. 
The total number of employees to be dedicated to this engagement. 


The indicative parameters to be used for technical evaluation are as follows:

 CriteriaIndicative CriteriaWeight
1.Property Manager’s OrganisationBrief description of the background and organisation of the bidding company. A list of partners or Board of Directors and beneficial owners will also be appreciated.10
2.Specific Experience relevant to the AssignmentExperience in the last five (5) financial years of providing/delivering Property Management services/projects. The experience in an international organisation like Africa Re will be an added advantage.(Note: List only those assignments for which the applicant was legally contracted by the client as a company or was one of the joint venture partners.Assignments completed by the Property Manager’s experts working privately or through other firms cannot be claimed as relevant experience. The applicant should be prepared to substantiate the claimed experience by presenting copies of relevant documents and references).30
3.Key Staff’s Qualifications and Competence for the AssignmentGeneral education, training, experience in the sector/similar assignment of key staff should be in line with the current tools and techniques relating to Property Management services.30
4.Approach and Methodology Work PlanApproach and Methodology demonstrated in technical proposal and presentation. This covers the completeness, the robustness of approach and quality of services, ideas or solutions proposed to address our needs.25
5.FinancialsCopy of duly certified Audited financial accounts for the last three years.5

Clarifications can be requested by email only, up to five (5) business days before the end date of submission of the proposal, using the Corporation’s address indicated below. The subject of the email should read “Clarification – Proposal for Property Management Services at Africa Re”.

Africa Re will respond by email to such requests. In the interest of fairness and a level playing field, all responses to such queries will be shared with all firms that have signified their intention to submit a proposal. The responses will include details of the query but without identifying the source.

Email contact for clarification:

Interested Corporate organizations are required to liaise with the Department of Administration & General Services in the Head office for clarification where necessary and to request for a visit to the building to acquaint themselves with the equipment and services available before the submission of their proposals.

The following guidelines are recommended for the submission of all proposals.

(7.1) General Guidelines
The proposal can be submitted by email. The proposals should have the subject read “Submission – Proposal for Property Management Services at Africa Re””.

Proposals should be received by Africa Re no later than April 17, 2023. Any proposal received by Africa Re after the submission deadline will not be considered.

Email submission address:

Hardcopy proposal submission which should be in duplicate and in sealed envelopes should be addressed to:

The Chairman,
Head Office Tender Committee,
Africa Re HQ Building, Plot 1679, Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.

(7.2) Confidentiality
It is expected that the selected Property Manager will maintain the highest level of confidentiality regarding the information provided before, during and after the completion of the assignment.

The Property Manager shall also maintain the highest standard of professional and ethical values and norms in providing this property management service and shall be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

(7.3) Other Africa Re Reserved Rights
Africa Re reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take actions deemed in its best interest that may include any one or more of the following without incurring any liability to the affected bidder(s) or any obligation to inform the affected bidder:

  • Accept or reject any, or all proposals in whole or in part at any time before engagement.
  • Waive any minor irregularities or informalities in the proposal.
  • Vary any timetable or schedule.
  • Suspend or modify the engagement process.
  • Negotiate the details of a proposal before engagement.

Best of Luck!

Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Corneille KAREKEZI
Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

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