Schneider Electric has taken a bold step to drive down the cost of power disturbances which is pegged at $29 billion annually by launching a range of smart power solutions adapted to the Nigerian environment.

According to the statement made available by the firm, the figures from the World Bank revealed that the Nigerian economy loses as much as $29 billion to power disturbances across various sectors of its activities annually.

The range of products being offered by Schneider Electric come under different categories such as critical power management, smart homes, lighting home and distribution solutions.

The Head of Partner and Buildings Business for Schneider Electric, Anglophone West Africa, Mojola Ola stated that these solutions are safe because they avoid electrical fires; are efficient in helping one save money by reducing energy spend; are reliable by preventing failure of electrical distribution; and are compliant because they demonstrate Schneider Electric’s commitment to sustainability, a key policy for the company.

Mojola further added that “with the right tools, you can leverage data for: space management, occupant well-being, occupant engagement, and operational efficiency.

According to Mojola, these products lead to reduction in maintenance, increase in productivity, and reduction in CO2 emission.