Tenders are invited from interested buyers for the purchase of the underlisted Items at our Head Office, 2, Billingsway, Oregun Industrial Estate, Lagos.

S/NItem NumberProduct NameConditionAvailable Quantities
1BO I-074Acrylic Transparent Plastic GlassNEW350PCS
2E02-04022-22-22 Tee JointNEW37,000 PCS
3E02-04213-13-13 Tee JointNEW21,000 PCS
4BO I-036Vibration Mount 30 KVA GeneratorNEW8,000 PCS
5E02-08I22-13-22 Tee JointNEW40,000 PCS
6BOI -123Vibration Mount For 12 KVA GeneratorsNEW7,000 PCS
7AO I-001Glass RubberNEW40,000 Mtrs
8AO I -128Latch PN 347- 1242 (Striker Handle Long)NEW22,300 PCS
9AO I-005Panel LockNEW16,300 PCS
I0A0I-003Glass Rubber KeyNEW33,500 Mtrs
11A01-123Keeper Door (Hook Latch) – PN 335 2861NEW6,500 PCS
I2E0I-I8550MM Cable LugNEW52,700 PCS
I3E0I-I69SM-35 Bus BarNEW16,900 PCS
I4E0I-I6870MMXI2 Cable LugNEW26,000 PCS
ISCmark Electronic Compressor 15kwUsed Not Working1
I6AO I -129Door Lock- EnglishNEW3,500 PCS
I7EOI -02040A 24VDC 4PIN RelayNEW1,500 PCS
I8E0I-005Single Pole 25A MCBNEW1,150 PCS
I9E01 -195DC Fan P/N3258J/2H3PNEW1,600 PCS
20E02-026Variable Fuel ActuatorNEW890 PCS
2IFOI-OII8MM X 0.6X40 MM3 Insulation MartNEW1,900Mtrs
22E02-0282P 250A DC BreakerNEW460 PCS
23E01 -036250/5A Current Transformer(Single Type)NEW300 PCS
24E06-0404P I00A Contactor LCID80004M7NEW120 PCS
25E02-027PIN Type MCB Copper LinkNEW4,300 PCS
26EO I -085Ceramic Insulated Power Terminal BlockNEW6,000 PCS
27MIG Welding MachineUsed Not Working1
28MIG Welding MachineUsed Not Working1
29MIG Welding MachineUsed Not Working1

The Items shall be sold on “as is” basis. Interested buyers can contact the Security Supervisor at the Gate from 12 September 2019 to 27 September 2019, between 10am and 4pm. Tender Forms are available from the Cashier and can be obtained on payment of N5,000. Tenders in sealed envelope marked on the top left hand corner “Sales of Scrap Items No……” should be dropped in the tender box at our security gate and addressed to:

The Chairman
Assets Disposal Committee
2, Billingsway, Oregun Industrial Estate, Oregun Lagos.

All Tenders must be received two weeks from the date of this publication.