The AFRICAN EXPORT-IMPORT BANK (AFREXIMBANK) is a pan-African multilateral financial institution headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, established to provide financing solutions and advisory services for the expansion, diversification, promotion and development of Intra- and extra-African trade. As a special initiative to bridge the trade information gap in Africa and harness intra-African trade, the Bank intends to construct trade centres in a number of commercial cities in Africa. The Bank has prioritized Harare (Zimbabwe) and Abuja (Nigeria) as the cities to construct the first trade centres.

For this purpose, the Bank intends to engage a consulting firm(s) to provide construction advisory and general technical and managerial support services during the pre-construction, construction and operation stages of the trade centres. The services include: a) Procurement; b) Onboarding, oversight and coordination of consultants, contractors and other project partners (developers, financiers, operators, tenants etc.); c) Project planning, management and control; d) Cost management; e) Quality control and assurance; f) Stakeholder management; g) Communication; h) Process audit Obstruction management; j) Compliance; k) Dispute management l) Project risk management m) Reporting; n) Fundraising support o) Bank representation; among others.

The Bank hereby invites expressions of interest from reputable and suitably qualified consulting firms. Submissions should be delivered to either of the e-mail address below no later than 3:00pm (CAT) on 5 August, 2019. The following information should be provided;

(1) Company registration, ownership structure and profile.
(2) Proof of experience providing similar services for construction projects valued over USDollars Ten (10) million over the past 5 years.
(3) Proof of technical and managerial capacity to handle this assignment.
(4) Annual financial statements for the past 3 years.

For further information and submission, please email: or