American Embassy Abuja
PR # 8795027 Rental of Non-Armored SUV for INL at The Embassy Compound Abuja
Due: November 29, 2019
November 14, 2019

The AMERICAN EMBASSY ABUJA requests quote for the rental of a non-armored SUV in an excellent condition for services within Abuja and for a period of one year beginning December 3, 2019 through December 2, 2020. This shall include but not be limited to the provision of fueling, servicing of vehicle, a standby driver and a functional air-conditioning system. The quotation should include pictures and specifications of the quoted vehicle. The Embassy intends to award a Purchase Order for the subject with a monthly progress payment plan.

If you are interested please forward your quote ONLY to before the close of business on November 29, 2019. Please reference the title of this RFQ on the subject line of your response.