CREATIVE ASSOCIATE INTERNATIONAL INC. invites qualified firms to indicate interested for a range of activities under her NLCB-project.

CATEGORY 1: NLCB098/99-198-05-342/344 Supply and Installation of Furniture’s
CATEGORY 2: NLCB097/100-19-05-356/357 Supply and Installation of Solar Panels

General Criteria for bidders

1. Bidders must be fully registered firm with over two years track record of delivery similar service in northeast Nigeria.
2. Bidders must be a registered firm with CAC certificate and TAX ID
3. Bidder must be willing to provide quotations that are valid for a minimum of 60days
4. Bidder must demonstrate financial capability to carry pout award without requiring an advance.

It is Creative’s intent to make this award on the lowest competitive price

Interested firms may obtain an electronic copy of the RFQ including terms, conditions and specifications directly from Creative Association International website:

Closing Date for both categories: 4th June 2019 4:00PM

NERI Office of Procurement