CREATIVE ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL are a dynamic, fast-growing global development firm that specializes in education, economic growth, and democratic institutions ad stabilization. Based in Washington, D.C., Creative has a field presence in more than 20 countries with a strong client portfolio that includes the U.S Agency for International Development and the State Department, among others.

Creative Associates Intentional invites firms to indicate interest in submitting offer for the printing and distribution of educational materials in northern Nigerian, all Offerors must include the cost of shipment to

PURCHASER: Creative Associate International, Inc.
OFFER ISSUE DATE: 11 October 2019
OFFER DEADLINE: 24 October 2019
SUBJECT: Request for Proposal (RFP) No. RFP-HQ-0438

The selected contractor must demonstrate capability, based upon technical expertise management capability workload capacity and financial resources to implement and, management this contract.

On behalf of USAID, creative Associate invites firms to submit technical and cost proposals for the printing n distribution of teaching and learning materials for formal learning centers to support USAID project in Nigeria.

This assistance will be provided under a project implemented incorporate with USAID and the Nigerian Ministry of education. Offerors must demonstrate capability to supply and deliver goods/services to Bauchi and Sokoto states in Northern Nigeria, must provide professional reference and relevant past performance and demonstrate financial resources to implement a damage this award.

It is Creative intent to award a contract to the best-value Offerors. Qualified and interested forms obtain an electronic copy of the RFP including terms, conditions and specification by visiting

On opening this link, please click on Procurement Notice. This will open a spreadsheet. You must click on the paperclip attachment next to the RFP title to access the document. Bidders are allowed to ask question until 14 October 2019. At close of business on 14 October, 2019, the period for question will close, and not further question will be accepted.

Creative will provide answers to all questions asked and post these answers at the same location. Bidders are required to check back at the Procurement Notices page for answers and any updates to the RFP. These will be saved in same location as the RFP. Telephone and e-mail request will not be honored

Firms making offers to provide services must be eligible suppliers in accordance with the requirements set forth in 22 CFR 228 of the US Code of Federal Regulation.