Access to reliable and clean energy in off-grid rural communities are critical for meeting the basic needs of households and many micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). MSMEs represent about 80% of the business in Nigeria. The reliable access to energy in rural areas will boost the productivity of MSMEs and have the potential to increase the employment rate and reduce rural-urban drift. Currently, many MSMEs in rural areas rely on the use of diesel and petrol driven generator sets for their productive activities, which is expensive, noisy and leading to the pollution of the atmosphere

It is against this background that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) working in collaboration with the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) and Bettervest – a crowd funding platform for Energy efficiency and renewal energy projects with social impacts, is embarking on a project – Scaling Up Clean Energy Investment in rural Areas in Nigeria. The aim of the project is to promote the expansion of renewal energy services to rural communities for productive use by MSMEs, domestic use by households and to promote economic development. The projects seek to fund up mini-grid projects with a maximum of 50% rants support. Co-funding for the successful applicants and projects will have provided by Bettervest, through its crowd investment Platform.

Among others, the Project will:
– Pioneer the use of innovative financing for promoting access to clean energy
– Stimulate local economic activities and enhance productivity and profitability of rural poor
– Reduce green-house gas(GHG) emissions by replacing diesel and petrol driven economic processes
– Create local employment d sustainable livelihoods in rural as the foundation for economic prosperity in Nigeria

This project will aim at providing a minimum of 4,500 customers (incl. residential, public commercial or productive users using single phase or three-phase connections) with access to reliable electricity services as an affordable tariff via privately led off-grid solar mini-grid projects in Nigeria.

Subsequently, the UNDP is seeking the services of an organization – an NGO or private company to submit proposals for replicable and scalable clean off-grid energy projects which shows a potential to stimulate rural economic development and have proven business model.

The following are the conditions/criteria that owner/company must fulfill, for their proposed project to be financed
– Projects need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (for example CO2 or methane) or the use of natural resources. This can be achieved through the implementing of energy efficiency measures, renewable/clean energy projects or the production of loan energy technologies
– The project in and of itself reduce energy cost or generate revenue. Alternatively, it can consist of a project development
– Registered and based in Nigeria with at least 5years in the renewable energy sector and in developing and implementing mini-grid in rural areas in Nigeria
– Must have developed and implemented at least 2 solar mini-grid projects in rural communities
– Demonstrate high level of experience in community engagement
– Must be operating at least one mini grid in Nigeria at the time of this advert. (Please attach Letters of Awards together with interim, completion or payment certificate
– Letter of satisfaction from the respective State Government for, at least one of the mini-grid projects deployed by the bidder.
– The project owner must commit to investing a minimum of 10% of the total funding required as equity in the project.
– The Company must have at least 3 senior managers. If they are not of the payroll, they must at least be shareholders
– The applicant must have received min-grid-specific technical training and/or the project assistance from a reputable organization
– Evidence that the proposed meets the minimum technical specifications regarding the mini-grid equipment to be procured and project design in line with the objective of reliability in the electricity service s mentioned in the NERC Mini-grid Regulations, 2016.
– Have audited accounts for not less than 3 consecutive years
– The company must have at least a medium credit rating
– Proposed projects should be commercialized technologies with proven business models
– Previous experience with the UNDP in developing similar projects is an added advantage

Interested organization should send their expression of interest, technical and financial proposal with a cover letter on letterhead to the email address below, lasts by 5:00 p.m., 23rd August 2019.

Plot 701C, Central Business District, Abuja
Email address: