A. Background
Family Health International (FHI360) is not –for profit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting way by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. Our staff includes expert in health, education, nutrition, environmental economic development, civil society, gender equality. Youth, research and technology-creating unique mix of capabilities to address today’s interrelated development challenges. With funding from USAID, FHI360 is implementing the addressing education in Northeast Nigeria (AENN) project.

AENN aims to address the immediate education needs of 302,500 children and youth in 225 communities through new non- formal and safer formal education, while laying a foundation for sustainable, conflict-sensitive improvement of education systems at the community and government levels. The project intends to ensure children and adolescent in Northeast Nigeria can equitably access certificate high-quality basic education expanding activities in Borno state to respond to the crisis.

FHI360 Nigeria country office is hereby seeking for qualified and interested suppliers of teaching and learning materials, include safe space materials to supply the under listed items accordingly to FHI360 state office in Maiduguri and Damaturu.

B. List of materials required

Expense itemCosting unitNumber of units
Materials for safe space  
Blue birosPcs2700
Red biroPcs2700
Masking tapesPcs1400
LFs notebook (time book)pieces620
LFs notebook(visitors book)pieces620
LFs notebook (Health book)pieces620
LFs notebook (log book)pieces620
Cardboard(different colors)Reams600
Chalk dust lesspacket1800
Black board (wooden with stand 4×6) with standpieces200
Scissors (child safe) 2per safe spacepieces1200
Beans seeds for counting (2 mudu per safe space)Mudu1200
Stapler and staples (for binding books)pieces1300
Facilitators bagspieces700
Materials for Learning  
Exercise book –(40 Leaves)Packet of 12 pcs3200
Crayons (2pcs)packs62,000
Rulers (2pices per learner)pieces62,000
HPI pen/biro- blue or equivalent (4piece per leanerpiece120,000
Pencil sharpener- blue or equivalent (2 piece per learnerpiece62,000
Pencil – 2Bor equivalent – Red or equivalent (4pieces per learnerpiece120,000
Pencil Erase – white or equivalent – Medium (2 per learnerpiece62,000
Student bagspcs31,000

D.  Evaluation factors & selection Criteria

Bidder should ensure that all requested information below include in the submission. Proposals will be evaluated based conformity to proposal requirement as listed below, quality delivery timeline, price and payment term. To ensure FHI360 get value for its money selected supplier(s) will be required to submit physical samples of the products proposed for evaluation and shall form key part of the selection process.

Please review the table below for the required components of all proposal submissions. Evaluations will neither make assumptions nor draw inference regarding missing or incomplete information. The submission of incomplete information could result in the rejection of the proposal.

No.Proposal Requirement
1.Company profile with registered address functional email address and telephone number, point of contact for the entity
2.Evidence of company registration (i.e certificate of incorporation, from CAC7& CAC2)
3.Evidence of tax payment for the last three years
4.Evidence of past performance of similar project including contracting entity (NGO, Government, etc). Include a copy of the approved purchase orders. Contracted evidence of completion that is, company’s signed delivery noted similar jobs done in the last three years.
5. Three professional references, including name, phone number and organization that can attest to Satisfactory performance in previous of related services.

D. Submission of Proposal
Bidders must submit request for any clarification and further information concerning this solicitation in writing via email to quotations.Nigeria@fhi360.org not later than 5pm, Tuesday May 28, 2019. The title/subject for your email enquiry must be “RFQ for Supply of Learning and teaching material.
Complete proposals including cost document for each lot must be submitted in a sealed envelope and signed by the authorized representative of the bidding company to the address below on or before 5pm, Tuesday May 28, 2019. Envelopes should be labeled “RFQ for supply of learning and teaching material and address to:

The procurement committee
Family Health International (FHI360),
Godab plaza, 1073A-1, J5 Tarka street,
Area 3 Garki Abuja, Nigeria

Please note:
Any proposal received by FHI360 after the deadline for submission stated herein shall be disqualified

FHI360 anticipates awarding multiple contracts but reserves the right to terminate the RFQ or negotiations to any time prior to award.

Issuances of this RFP in no way constitution a commitment by FHI360 award a contract. FHI360 reserves the right to vary any part of this RFQ at the time of prior to award if it becomes necessary.

This procurement is funded by U.S agency for International development (USAID) and is subject to the applicable rules and regulation of US Government Funded awards.

FHI36 is value added tax (VAT) exempted, but charge withholding Tax (WTH) in compliance with Relevant Nigeria Laws.