GAVI Alliance Request for proposal Technical Assistance NPHCDA Nigeria
Dated: 05 2019


Nigeria has developed a national strategy for Routine Immunisation and Primary Health Care Systems Strengthening (“NSIPSS”) in 2018. NSIPSS was submitted to the board to support the request for extension of transition period from 2021 to 2028.

The Gavi board approved the Nigeria transition strategy and made a commitment of 1 billion USD to match the commitment of the Government of Nigeria, of 1.9 billion USD, for Routine Immunisation (“RI”) strengthening including funding for vaccines for the period of 2018-2028. The additional support to Nigeria is managed through an Accountability Framework (“AF”) that will require monitoring and reporting.

The purpose of this Technical Assistance (“TA”) is to support the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (“NPHCDA”) in monitoring the implementation of this new strategy and reporting (both programmatic and financial). The increase in engagement and support to the government of Nigeria requires additional resources to monitor implementation of various grants and proactively support NPHCDA to meet Gavi requirements. 

2.1. RFP Rules

Gavi Alliance (“Gavi”) invites you as a Service Provider to submit a competitive bid by responding to this “Request for Proposal” (“RFP”) for Technical Assistance NPHCDA Nigeria (GAVI-RFP-2019-026). Please follow these instructions in completing your bid.

  1. This entire RFP and all related discussions, meetings, exchanges of information, and subsequent negotiations that may occur are confidential and are subject to the confidentiality terms and conditions of the Intent to Participate letter attached as Annex 1. All bidders are required to complete and return the Intent to Participate letter. 
  1. nor commits Gavi to pay any costs or expenses incurred in the preparation or submission of proposals or quotations. Bidders are solely responsible for their own expenses, if any, in preparing and submitting an offer to this tender. Gavi is under no obligation to justify the reasons for its supplier(s) choices as a result of this RFP. Gavi may choose not to justify its business rewarding decision to the participants to this tender.
  1. Gavi reserves the right to:
  2. reject any proposal without obligation or liability to the potential Service Provider;
  3. withdraw this RFP at any time before or after submission of bids, without prior notice, explanation or reason;
  4. modify the evaluation procedure described in this RFP;
  5. modify the timelines of the RFP;
  6. accept other than the lowest price offer;
  7. award a contract on the basis of initial offers received, without discussions or requests for best and final offers;
  8. decide not to award any contract to any Service Provider responding to this RFP,
  9. award its total requirements to one Service Provider or apportion those requirements among two or more Service Providers as Gavi may deem necessary.
  1. All bids must indicate that they are valid for no less than sixty (60) days from the quotation due date.
  • Faxed copies will not be accepted. Late quotations are subject to rejection.
  • Gavi reserves the right to request additional data, information, discussions or presentations to support part of, or your entire bid proposal. Service Providers or their representatives must be available to discuss the details of their proposal during the evaluation process. 
  •  All responses should be submitted in electronic version.
  • The proposed time plan set out below indicates the process Gavi intends to follow. If there are any changes to this time plan, Gavi will notify you in writing.
  1. If the applicant is a US Citizen or resident (Green Card holder) or a non-US person living or working in the US, they should be aware of OFAC regulations.