INTERNATIONAL NGO SAFETY ORGANIZATION (INSO) invites all suppliers to participate in the tendering for the following procurement:
• Type of Vehicle: 4×4 Wagon
• Engine: 4.5L, V8
• Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
• Fuel Type: Diesel
• Number of Doors: 5 doors
• Transmission: 4×4 wheel drive, Manual 5 speed

All submissions should be done:
a) By e-mail and with the subject line “CONFIDENTIAL”, to the and (not bigger than 10Mb)
b) By sealed envelope, to be delivered in plot 862 Olu Awotesu Street, Jabi District, Abuja, Nigeria. REF: RFQ for Vehicle. ATTN: HRAM.
not later than February 27th, 2019, 24hoo GMT.

The submission file must include:
• A cover letter from a senior representative of your company
• A quotation with the requested Detailed Specifications, mentioning the brand and model of the car
• Validity period of the quotation
• Delivery time of the vehicle
• Final price (including all taxes)
• References from customers (INGOs and International Agencies only)
• Nationality of the manufacturer
• Nationality of the supplier
• Terms of payment
• Availability of spare parts in Nigeria, including reference of their providers
• Supplier’s certificate (i) copy of photographic ID of senior executive (ii) official evidence of business address such as utility bill or bank letter (iii) public certificate of incorporation of the company
• Note: WHT rate will be charged on total cost and remitted to relevant authority.
• INSO is VAT exempted