The Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs (JHUCCP), Baltimore USA, has received USAID funding, under the Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria (BA-N) project, to implement health promotion and social and behavior change interventions in Nigeria from 2018-2022. This project works with the Federal and State Ministries  of health to build their capacity in social and behavior change communication leadership, and implement cutting-edge social and behavioral intervention to improve the health and well-being of Nigeria’s across a broad array of health issues, including Material, Neonatal, Child Health and Nutrition (MNCH+N), Family Planning, Malaria and Tuberculosis. We work in 11 state and Abuja FCT, spanning each of the major geographical zones in the country.


Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria seeks for proposals for Security Consultancy Services for 12 months. The selected firm will be responsible for identifying, developing, and implementing security solutions to meet the demands of the Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria team. BA-N currently has offices in Abuja, Nasarawa, Benue, Plateau, Oyo, Kebbi, Zamfara, Akwa-Ibom – Uyo, Sokoto, Ebonyi and Bauchi State. Our activities in these states include but are not limited to malaria (initial primary focus), family planning, material, neonatal and child health, nutrition, tuberculosis, gender and other health issues if and when the need arises. BA-N engages staff, consultants and community mobilizers etc. to further its activities at federal state, local and ward level. Our activities include but are not limited to, community health dialogue, compound meetings, mass and mid-media campaigns, demand creation activities during LLIN campaigns, advocacy/coordination activities and monetary payments at different levels.

The contract will be subject to renewal based on available funding and satisfactory performance.


  1. Provide travel advice for all BA-N travels within Nigeria. This will include security check/awareness advice brings for travel to high risk security areas in Nigeria
  2. Provide emergency response support in all BA-N states and in every location travelled by BA-N staff. This will include staff evacuation support
  3. Provide customized trainings periodically for expatriate and in-country staff on
  4. Hostile Environment Awareness
  5. Surveillance and risk analysis
  6. Crises and emergency management training
  7. Humanitarian security, management of civil unrest, kidnaps avoidance and arrest training, awareness on Improvised Explosive Devices.
  8. Training bouquet for drivers on security consciousness defensive driving techniques and basic life support
  9. Fire safety training.
  10. Assign dedicated security personnel at our Abuja Head office and state offices who will be responsible for providing daily security support, daily security updates, networking with security agencies in BA-N locations and notifying and attending security meeting on behalf of BA-N
  11. Develop Standard operation procedures (SOPs) for all BA-N offices. The SOPs will include a general overview of each state; identify security risk factors, emergency response procedures, recommended hotels with locations, locations of hospitals, locations of emergency response agencies, vehicle safety procedures, recommended security and safety procedures/practice in every BA state.
  12. Provide armed security escort within Abuja and other locations within Nigeria based on associated risk factors
  13. Deployment of armored vehicles and non-armored vehicles in Abuja and other locations within Nigeria
  14. Conduct background checks on staff
  15. Conduct on site assessment for new Office Locations and hotel security assessment.


  1. A proposed strategy to meet requirements of the SOW outlines above
  2. Costing for services as itemized in the SOW (No. 1-10). Provide financial proposal in Naira using the table below
  3. Personnel plan to carry out the services in all 12 BA-N offices. Including CVs for senior management staff
  4. Demonstrated experience providing similar security service for organizations in Nigeria. Three references including the company name, address, a contact, email and their phone number.

Legal certificate of Incorporation in Nigeria, Tax Identification certification and Company profile with verifiable business address, valid email with telephone numbers and point of contact for the organization

Scope Costing guide Additional Information
1.     Provide travel advices for all BA-N travels, including security check, Awareness Briefing for high risk security areas in Nigeria Provide monthly cost  
2.     Provide emergency response support including staff evacuation during emergencies   Cost per evacuation Provide details of your emergency and evacuation procedures
3.     Trainings as itemized in SOW Lump sum Provide training strategy factoring 12 office locations. Training to be delivered twice a year
4.     Assign dedicated focal person at our Abuja Head office and state offices who will be responsible for daily security support. Providing daily security updates, networking  with security agencies in BA-N locations, notify and attend security meeting on behalf of BA-N   Monthly cost Provide operational strategy in technical proposal
5.     Develop standard operation procedures (SOPs) for all BA-N offices Lump sum    
6.     Provide armed security escort within Abuja and other location within Nigeria   Cost per location   Include all out of station allowance for security escort
7.     Deployment of armored vehicles in Abuja and other  locations within Nigeria on special request Cost per day per location Provide types/cost of vehicle if there are different types
8.     Deployment of non-armored vehicles in Abuja and other location with Nigeria Cost per day per location Provide types/cost of vehicle if there are different types
9.     Conduct on site assessment for new office locations and hotel security assessment Cost per trip    
10.                        Conduct background checks on staff Cost per staff    


All bidders must show their eligibility to participate in this procurement by providing copies of the following documents

  • Legal Certificate of Incorporation in Nigeria, Tax Identification certification and Company profile with Verifiable business address, valid email with telephone numbers and point of contact for the organization


  1. Capability evaluation of vendor’s technical proposal showing the vendor’s implementation strategy and techniques for accomplishing the stated SOW with consideration to the 12 BA-N office locations
  2. Evaluation of financial proposal
  3. Expertise and experience of pr0psed team to work with all BA-N 12 office locations, Provide a carrier profile for key personnel.
  4. Demonstrated experience providing similar services with reputable organization in Nigeria, consideration will be given to experience with international organization in the development sector. Provide relevant working experience in location across Nigeria. Also provide proof of affiliations (certificate of affiliation or membership) with security organizations within Nigeria.
  5. Presence across states in Nigeria and provide ability to immediately initiate by stating start up timeline.


Cost will be evaluated for realism, reasonableness, allowability, allocability and cost effectiveness. Applications that have more efficient operational systems that reduce operation cost will be more favorably considered. Completeness of the application will also be considered.


  • Issuance Date: April 11, 2019
  • Closing Date and Time for Application Submission: April 25, 2019 5:00pm West African Central Time.

Address proposals to:

Project director

RE: Security Consultancy Service Agreement for Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria.

Contact: Send proposals to:

Required application Format: To facilitate the competitive review of the proposals, all documents should be sent as a single PDF file. Submission must be not more than 20 pages and should capture all requirements. Any bids received without following the submission instructions will be disqualified. Only short-listed vendors will be contacted for further discussion.


Please state your payment terms while quoting. However, BA-N’s preferred term is full payment after receipt of goods & services, when all invoices have been received and certification of products.

BA-N is VAT exempt, so please do not include VAT when Quoting. Also note that BA-N will deduct withholding tax at the applicable rate to be remitted to FIRS. Payment will be made after submission of vendor invoice and acceptance/certification of items by BA-N.


BA-N reserve the right to consider any Quotations received before and after the end of the deadline. Any deviation from the specifications contained in the RFQ will lead to the vendor’s DISQUALIFICATION.

Award will be made to the responsible applicant(s) whose application(s) best meets the requirements of this RFP and the selection criteria contained herein. Issuance of this RFP does not constitute an award commitment on the part of JHUCCP or its funding agency.

Application is submitted at the risk of the applicant and all preparation and submission cost is at the applicant’s expense. Applicant must provide all required information in its application or may be deemed non-responsive.

JHU reserves the right (but is not under obligation to do so) to entire into discussion with one or more applicants in order to obtain clarification, additional detail, or refinements in the application. Oral discussions may be conducted.

JHU reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted, and reserves the right to award either the entire scope of work to one applicant or a partial of scope of work to more than one applicant, by, for example, focal state or other relevant criteria.