DEADLINE: 30th May 2019

Under the leadership of Malam Nasir El-Rufai, the Kaduna State Government has placed emphasis on developing a robust plan which is informed by real and timely data that will match and inform the annual budget of the State. The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), which was established to consistently monitor and forecast macro-economic trends, needs to constantly work with data and produce timely reports.

Infographics are now used to explain, summarize and beautify reports for the public to read and understand easily. PowerPoint Presentations are also done with few words, infographics on the other hand provide an even more concise and easily understood document for the audience.

The Planning and Budget Commission wishes to equip its personnel with the skill set required to manage and present data in an accessible format, and is therefore inviting reputable Consulting firms to express interest in providing this service.

The main objective of this Service is to train staff of the Planning and Budget Commission on Data Management and Infographics.

The scope of this Consultancy is to:
i. Identify strategic areas in which the Staff of the Planning and Budget Commission are to be trained on Data Management and Infographics;
ii. Conduct workshops/trainings on Data Management in two (2) batches, 25 persons per batch;
iii. Conduct workshops/trainings on Infographics in two (2) batches, 25 persons per batch;

The anticipated input of the Consulting Firm should be a 3-man team for a duration of 10 days (5 days per batch).

5.0 EXPECTED OUTPUT (Deliverables)
· Detailed step by step training on Data Management and Infographics and how to use it in the day-to-day schedule of duty;
· Detailed Training modules which can be used as a refresher course after the 5-day training;

· Detailed final report on the training complete with attendance list and pictorial evidence.