MEDA is an international economic development organization; whose mission is to create innovative business solutions to poverty. Founded in 1953 by a group of compassionate business professionals, we partner with the economically active poor to start or grow small and medium-sized businesses in developing regions of the world. Our expertise includes a full range of economic development tools: financial services, gender responsive and environmentally sustainable technology, business training, access to market information, better access to markets and equity investment. Our work most often focuses on women, youth and the rural poor. We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to earn a livelihood and that unleashing entrepreneurship is a powerful way to alleviate poverty.

The objective for this call for proposals is to improve business capacity and business environment of agro input dealers in Bauchi state.

The Nigeria WAY project in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in April 2019, held a Bio-technology Introduction and product launch workshop with 70 agro-input dealers and extension service agents selected from Katagum, Ganjuwa, Toro, Bauchi and Dass Local Government Areas of Bauchi State. The workshop amongst several objectives identified the need to organize the agro dealers into alliances at both State and Local Government levels for effective coordination and diffusion of ideas and interventions to grassroot Entrepreneurs and Small-Scale Businesses.

In the course of the work, the prospective applicants are expected to deliver the following:
a. Mobilise agro-input dealers from the seven MEDA target LGAs.
b. Facilitate the establishment of associations/alliances at both state and LGA level.
c. Develop a catalogue of technologies associated with the MEDA value chains with their respective agro-input dealers.
d. Facilitate linkages with new and emerging technologies/technology providers an ensure steady product supply to the agro-input dealers.
e. Write a technical report of executed activity.

For an applicant to be eligible to apply for this grant, you must: –
a. Applicant must possess good knowledge of the geography and context of Bauchi State.
b. Having a CAC registered organization will be an added advantage.
c. Applicants should possess a proof of tax payment to Nigerian Government (TIN Number).
d. Applicants must possess a business premise for conducting business in Bauchi Nigeria.
e. Relevant experience working with agro-input dealers in Bauchi or in Northern Nigeria.

In addition, the applicant must display sound management practices in terms of financial, administrative, technical, and policy procedures and present a system of internal controls that safeguard assets, protection against fraud, waste, that support the achievement of program goals and objectives. MEDA will assess these capacities prior to the award of a grant.

Gender and environmental responsiveness are important cross-cutting components that Nigeria WAY examines. Nigeria WAY will build capacity of their partners to adopt best practices in gender and environmental responsiveness. Together, as part of the agreement, Nigeria WAY and the applicant will agree to execute the proposed project in a manner that promotes gender and environment matters.

Applicants must submit their proposals not exceeding 4 pages and attach the annexes which are not counted in the 4 pages as listed below. The following format should be used: –
a. Executive Summary (1/2 page)
b. Organizational profile (brief history of organisation, location, leadership, contacts, annual budget, TIN)
c. Project Description
• Background
• Overall purpose /objectives of the activity
• Describe the activities that will comprise project implementation
• Results and Deliverables
d. Annexes
• Proposed Workplan
• CV of consultant/Company • Proposed reporting plan. • Proposed Budget • Other Attachments. (registration certificate, summary of previous work in the sector and references)

METHOD OF SUBMITTING PROPOSALS Proposals must be submitted in electronic copy including the project number (D – 000066 – 002) in the subject line of the email. The proposals (in PDF format) is to be submitted to:


APPLICATION REVIEW CRITERIA All applications will be reviewed by the Grants Committee and will be evaluated against the criteria below: –
1. Compliance of application with proposed project objective.
2. Technical expertise as it relates to the objective.
3. Capacity in terms of network and resources.
4. Value added components such as gender and environmental responsiveness.
5. Quality of proposed workplan.
6. Experience and knowledge working in catchment area.

If candidate/company is selected in the shortlist, they will be invited for an interview at the MEDA office in Bauchi. After the interview, a decision will be made by the organization and successful organizations /candidates will be informed.