ISSUANCE DATE: 23rd July, 2019

This request for expression of interest follows the update in UN Development Business issue of 27th April 2012 and in Nigeria newspapers of 27th September 2012. As part of Government commitment to the transformation of the Nigerian Socioeconomic landscape, a multi-sector project is being executed in Nigerian to mitigate the vulnerability to erosion and support the people as they relate to their land. The Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) is an 8 year multi-sectorial and multi-scale program that targets with acute gully erosion.

The project is involving many Federal and State Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Local Governments, communities and civil Societies who are responsible for planning, economy, fiancé, works, agriculture, water resources, forests, transport, power, emergency response as well as those focused on climate ad hydrological information or watershed/basin regulation.

In order to achieve this, the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) has received a Procurement Notice Erosion & Watershed Management Project of US$500 million from the International Development Association (IDA) for the implementation of Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project.
Plateau State which is participating in the implementation of the project intends to use part of the proceeds of the credit for Engagement of individual procurement consultants.

The main objective of this assignment is to guide the SPMU in ensuring that the project implementation is done in line with the guidelines if the World Bank/IDA and within the consideration f government bureaucratic without creating conflicts that could be inimical to the smooth implementation of the project.

To achieve the core objectives of this assignment, the consultant’s will develop a work plan to ensure the completion of the task listed below in a manner consistent with the international best practice and in accordance with the project agreement and World Bank procurement guidelines.
A. Procurement of Goods and Works
i. Preparation of Project Works Plans and Procurement Schedules for Goods and Works using appropriate procurement methods agreed with the Bank.
ii. Provide guidance to technical experts responsible for the preparation of Technical Specifications for Goods
iii. Provide guides to technical experts responsible for the [preparation of bill Quantities/ Technical specifications for works
iv. Solicit Bidders/vendors through and Advertising of IF B
v. Prepare Bidding Documents
vi. Manage sales and follow up of Bidding Documents
vii. Receipt/Opening of offers
viii. In conjunction with the relevant committees, carry out detailed evaluation of bids/Proposal received and Prepared
ix. Evaluation report and present same to relevant authorities and the World Bank for “No Objection “ approval
x. Prepare Contract Documents
xi. Ensures Contract are managed appropriately to successful completion within the contract period
B. Procurement of Services
i. Preparation of Project Work and Procurement schedules for services suing appropriate selection methods that agreed with the Bank
ii. Provide guidance and where necessary participate in the preparation of terms of Reference. Submitting TORs for World Bank review and No-Objection.
iii. Prepare and seek Bank’s No Objection on all EOI before advertisement.
iv. Organize Pre-Proposal conference where necessary
v. Preparing Request for Proposal and submitting for review and No Objection of World Bank.
vi. Participate in the Evaluation of EOIs and preparing the report for submission to the World Bank for review and no objection
vii. Participate in the Evaluation of technical and financial Proposal and preparing the report of submission to the World Bank for Review an No Objection
viii. Ensure that a Consultants database is maintained by the project

C. Implementation Supervision
i. Develop and discuss alternative solutions to identified problems.
ii. Explore the most viable solution and discuss this with the FMF (PMU)
iii. Assist in the application of the agreed corrective measure
iv. Provide hands-on training to the PMU on implementation matters covering procurement, disbursement, report writing, etc.
v. Conduct post-implementation review
vi. Participate at meetings aimed at improving project implementation
vii. Any other responsibility relating to the project as required by the Project coordinator.

The consultants are to report to the Plateau State Project Management Unit (SPMU). The SPMU will be interface of the consultants in addition to the corresponding federal level institutions, the World Bank, number of key state institutions involved in soil erosion and watershed management. These include:
a. The FME
b. The Federal Ministry of Water Resources (FMWR), with river Basin Development Authorities (RMDAs), the Federal Integrated Water Resources Management Commission, the Federal Hydrological services Agency, and the State Water resources Ministry;
c. The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), with the multi-sector Federal Sustainable Land Management Committee;
d. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, and
e. Federal Ministry of Works.

Additional federal institutions are also involved including Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMET) and the Nigerian Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA)

Plateau State Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (LS-NEWMAP) now invite eligible individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualification and relevant experience to perform the services.

Selection Criteria
– A Master’s degree with a major in a relevant discipline (e.g. engineering, Law, Procurement, Purchasing and Supply, Marketing, Finance, Business or Commerce) and relevant training in procurement work
– At least five (5) years of direct relevant work experience as procurement Specialist or alternatively, having had responsibilities with a substantial content of his/her position in the Procurement are in or outside the World Bank;
– Good knowledge of all concepts and principle of an approach to international procurement, and of public procurement systems.
– Knowledge and understanding of technical, commercial and legal aspects of procurement at all phase of Bank lending operations
– Demonstrated analytical clarity, problem-solving skills and negotiating skills with ability to balance project objectives and procurement requirements with client’s needs.
– Task/Project management skills
– Strong communication skills in presenting, discussing and resolving difficult issues, both orally and I writing, and excellent listening skills
– Ability to deal sensitively with a multi-cultural environment and build effective business relationship with clients and colleagues within a matrix management environment
– Ability to function effectively in multi-disciplinary teams with a matrix management environment
– Exceptional degree of integrity, judgment and tact in handling the most sensitive, diverse and confidential material.
– Understanding of Bank business objective, police and practices related to project sector and critical links to procurement is desirable
– Knowledge and experience in e-procurement will be an added advantage

Remuneration of the consultants is attractive and commensurate with those offered by International bodies for similar assignments. It shall however, based on a negotiated monthly salary.

The Consultant will produce the following reports:
I. An Inception Report
An Inception report shall outline the work plan of the procurement activities; define its tasks, the planned implementation periods, schedules and identity target submission dates of reports on each task. Particular attention will be given towards the planned coordination within other teams and preparation of a detailed schedule of tasks in chat form. The inception report once approved and issued in its final form, will serve as the consultancy’s baseline for the management and monitoring of the tasks.

II. A monthly progress report of the activities carried out within the month
The Consultants shall prepare consolidated Monthly progress Report covering progress towards achieving the objectives of the assignment as well as directly areas of weakness and strategies for improving procurement implementation. The reports shall provide a brief but comprehensive end-of-month progress assessment. The report shall include a tabulated and graphical representation of physical and financial progress compared with the work program and cash flow forecasts, relevant photographs and details bottlenecks and mitigating measures. The reports shall be submitted within the first week of the succeeding month. The report will be assessed by the Project coordinator.

III. Quarterly Progressive reports
These reports shall make use of the information previously reports monthly, but suitably modified to include; summaries and conclusion drawn on all pertinent issues concerning the assignment. In addition, the Quarterly Progress Reports shall summarize the consultants activities, with solutions adopted, financial implications and any other relevant information considered necessary in respect of the services delivery. Each of these repost shall be submitted not later than the 7th day when they are due.
All Reports shall be in English and presented in Hard and Soft Copies

The client is to provide the following facilities:
i. Office accommodation, office equipment, furniture ICT facilities
ii. Relevant available published information

i. The Consultants will, at all times, be expected to carry out the assignment with the highest degree of professional and integrity. The Consultants will be expected to conduct his duties in an open and transparent manner’s
ii. The Consultants will not, under any circumstance, take any actions or be seen to be taking actions, which may hinder or prevent the State NEWMAP from executing this assignment
iii. The Consultants will study all Plateau State NWMAP guidelines and policies, and will be expected to ensure that the assignment is conducted with the strictest adherence to all such policies and regulations.
iv. The Consultants will not, under any circumstance, take any material decision pertinent to this assignment without the express permission and written consent of the Project coordinator or of an authorized representative of the Plateau State NEWMAP.
v. The consultants will not, under any circumstances, discuss divulge or use any information regarding this assignment or any other transaction conducted without the express written permission of an authorized representative of Plateau State NEWMAP.
vi. The consultant must not have a conflicting assignment with government agencies, development partners etc. If a conflict of interest is discovered, the contract shall be terminated.
vii. The consultant must avoid all potential conflict of interest situations.

The duration of the assignment is 261 days in the first instance and could be extended based on satisfactory performance.

Expression of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by email) by 12th AUGUST, 2019

State Project Coordinator,
Plateau State NEWMAP Office,
No 17, Apollo Crescent, GRA Jos,
Plateau State, Nigeria
E-mail: newmapplateau@gmail.com
Telephone: +2348067761908, +2348094304294