NIPEX TENDER REF: 1000003660

TOTAL UPSTREAM NIGERIA LIMITED (TUPNI), operator of the OML 130 license, issues tender opportunity to interested and reputable contractors with suitably qualified employees, equipment, premises and relevant experience to apply for consideration to tender for the supply of One Deep Offshore Drilling Rig for OML 130 Deep-water development and exploration projects. The drilling campaign is scheduled to commence Q3 2020 for initial duration of one (1) year, with possibility to extend by up to three periods of one (1) year each.

The work is to be performed offshore on the Nigeria Lease OML130. The water depth over the lease is in the range of 1,100 to 1,700 m. The drilling activity is scheduled to commence during Q3 of 2020.

Provision of Deep-water drilling unit to perform Drilling, Completion, Workover and Intervention operations OML130 block in water depths from 1100m – 1700m and drilling depth up 6500m
Verifiable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Rig Owner is mandatory and must be provided at technical submission.

– Drilling rig dynamically positioned DP3 class, minimum 5th Generation Dual Derrick Drillship, with ability to drill both derricks and efficiently perform full dual activity. (with offline racking capability)
– 183/4 BOP & Well control equipment; 15,000 psi, Minimum Two annual Six ram preventers (including casing shear rams with the ability to shear 14’ 106# VM95 casing).
– Minimum of four (4) triplex pumps x 2,200 HP and 7500 psi rating sustained working pressure each, plus one (1) dedicated riser boost pump.
– Surface tanks of 2000m3 (surface volume 1000m3, storage mud tanks 1000 m3 ). Brine tanks 1000 m3 . Dedicated Base Oil tank of 400 m3
– Cement tanks: 4dry bulk silos x 110 m3 each + bulks x 40 m3 Each
– Barite/CaCO3 tank: 4 bulks x 110 m3 each
– Cement unit with capability for 15,000 psi (max 8 bpm); 2 x 100 bbls batch mix tank; 2 x 10 bbls displacement tanks; 1 x surge tank of 2 m3 & 1 x liquid additive system capability
– Accommodation suitable for minimum 200 persons, including 70 for company.
– Top drive minimum rating (Working pressure/ load/torque), 7500 Psi/ 800 MT/ 50,000 ft. lbs
– Carnes capability to handle 75 MT dynamic loads
– Moon-pool opening of 20m x 10m minimum
– Drilling Unit shall be classed and certified by Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of shipping (ABS), or Det Norske veritas (DNV).

– Minimum Water depth rating: 2,000m
– Drilling depth rating of at least 650m with 5 ‘ or 51/2’, 5-7/8 and 6-5/8 drill pipe + 2000m dedicated landing string (5-7/8 drill pipes)
– Drilling unit should have two (2) independent active ad systems: one for non-Aqueous Base Mud (NABM) and one for brine
– Vertical/ Horizontal centrifuge cuttings dryer capable of achieving 5% or less Base Fluid on Cutting Drilling waste management with required zero discharge system
– Sheales Shakers: A Total of 7 (6 dedicated for mud system/1 for mud sieving)
– The drilling unit should have sufficient deck space available for permanent installation such as well test spread, Xmas tree & IWOCS, frac pack equipment and easy layout of completion reels, coil tubing rig up, and pick-up of completion sub-assemblies with permanent equipment 700m2 and temporary equipment 400m2 as well required ROV storage and launching area.
– Heli-deck certified for an S-92 type helicopter
– Drilling Unit shall be physical capable of drilling and testing exploration and development, completing, working over, and abandoning wells for oil or gas to drilling depth(s) specified inclusive of running and installing subsea tress.
– Contractor will be required to provide TUPIN with experienced personnel required to operate and ensure the maintenance through the whole duration of operations.

– To be eligible for this tender exercise, interested suppliers are required to be pre-qualified in the drilling Rigs (3.04.01) category of the NipeX joint Qualification Scheme (NJQS) database. All successfully pre-qualified suppliers in this category will receive an invitation to submit their Tender for the services.
– To determine I you are pre-qualified and view the product/service category you are listed for: open and access NJQS with your log in details. Click on Product/services status tab to view your status and product codes.
– If you are not listed in the product/service category but you have registered with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to do business in the Nigerian oil & Gas Industry, contact the NipeX administration office at 8 Bayo Kuku Road, Ikoyi Lagos with your DPR certificate s evidence for verification ad necessary update.
– To initiate the NJQS pre-qualification process, access click on the service tab followed by NJQS Registration.
– To be eligible, all tenders must comply with the Nigerian Content requirements in the NipeX System
– Only Nigerian indigenous service companies having verifiable Nigerian equity shareholding of 5% and above shall submit bids for this tender.

TUPIN is committed to the development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas business in compliance with the Nigerian Content Act 2010 for Nigerian Content Development
As from the commencement of this Act, the minimum Nigeria content in any project, service or product specification to be executed in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry shall be consistent with the level set in Schedule of the Act and any other targets as may be directed by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (The Board)
Tender(s) shall comply with all the provisions of the Nigerian content Act that relate to this advert and in particular comply with the minimum Nigerian content Percentages f pro the scopes which are covered in the Schedule of the Act. This is also includes and nay other requirements that may raise from time to time not explicitly stated in this advert but which apply to the service in fulfillment of the Nigeria content Act, in the submission of their Tender.
Failure to fully comply with the Nigerian content act or demonstrate Commitment to Nigeria Content Development Policy of the Nigerian government shall result in the disqualification of the tenderer from the bidding process.
As Part Of Their Technical Tender Submission, Tenderer Shall:
a. Provide evidence of company Ownership Structure form CO2 and CO7, registration on NOGIC JQS and DPR certificate.
b. Detailed description of the location of in-country committed facilities * infrastructure in Nigeria to support this contract
c. Provide a project specific training.
d. Submit Tenderer’s corporate organizational and project/contract specific organogram and plan to meet the NC% target of 55% man hours.
e. Have minimum of 10% of the deep water drilling rig ownership holding within the Nigerian incorporated entity and plans to increase to 50% over the contract duration (supported by MOA for a rig by 3rd party). Or well documented planned evidence by the bidding entity (i.e. with cash flow analysis approved by a reputable Nigerian lending institution/bank) demonstrating planned acquisition of Nigeria equity ownership of 50% of the drilling rig to be deployed and utilized for the service with the duration of the contract when successful as preferred bidder.
f. In country subcontracting and procurement plan.

NOTE: Failure to comply with the provision of the Nigeria Content act 2010 or to demonstrate commitment to the development of the Nigeria content Policy shall result in the disqualification of the tenderer from the bidding process.

Only suppliers, who are registered and have a LIVE subscription status in NJQS services category Drilling Rigs (3.04.01) as at 07/06/2019, being the advert closing date, shall be invited to submit technical and commercial tenders.

a. Failure to provide any of the listed documents or information may automatically disqualify the tenderer
b. All cost incurred in registering and prequalifying for this and other service categories in NJQS shall be borne solely by the suppliers
c. This Advertisement shall neither be construed as any form of commitment on the part of TUPNI to award any contract to nay company and/or associated companies, sub-contractors or agents, nor shall it entitle pre-qualified companies to make any claims whatsoever, and/or seek any indemnity from TUPNI and/or any of its partners by virtue od such companies having been pre-qualified in NJQS.
d. The ITT and any further progression of this tender shall be via Nipex portal. Interested Supplier are therefore advised to ensure that their profiles in NipeX are active with a valid official email address accessible by their organization as this shall be the only means to transmit the ITT.
e. Man hour figures for Capital Project Portfolios are estimated to provide definition to the scope and do not constitute guaranteed quantities.
f. TUPNI will only recognize and corrected with duly authorized officers of the pre-qualified tenderers and NOT through individual or agent acting on their behalf.

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