Okomu National Park (ONP) is the smallest of Nigeria’s seven national parks covering a total area of 200km2. It was formerly the Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary, created in 1985 to protect the white-throated monkey (Cercopithecus erythrogaster) and forest elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis). It was upgraded to a National Park via decree 46 of 1999. it was carved out of the 1,082km2 Okomu Forest Reserve in the Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State Nigeria, which was originally and in 1935.

Okomu National Park, being an important biological hotspot for flora and fauna conservation and ecotourism, deserves adequate protection and management The communities have a vital role to play in the park as they are major stakeholders and need to be involved in the planning and management of the park.

There has not been adequate funding to carry out management operations such as resource inventory and mapping boundary protection and general law enforcement. The current management plan is short of some inherent management rudiments. In particular, the idea of public-private collaboration is not even prominence in the existing plan However, these are very essential for sustainable management of the park. The inadequacy of the current management approach coupled with a high level of poverty and food insecurity among communities has resulted in frequent conflict with the support zone community.

Some critical stakeholders of the Okomu National Park including the private sector, public sector, NGOs and Communities have initiated the move to review the Okomu National Park management plan. The principal objective is to secure and enhance the integrity of the Okomu National Park to be able to perform its numerous scientific, ecological and socio-economic functions on a sustainable basis. It is therefore intended to review the existing management plan for the Okomu National Park to make it truly participatory inclusive and sustainable. The review management plan will be put together by critical stakeholders participating and making their respective contributions at different levels of commitments.

Expression of Interest (EO)
The Steering Committee hereby invites Expressions of Interest from interested and reputable stakeholders willing to participate in the development of the Management Plan for the sustainable management conservation of the natural heritage and biological diversity of the Okomu National Park, Edo State Nigeria.

Opportunities are available to participate in different categories as follows:

Partners: Institutions, Government Agencies Corporate Bodies Private Companies, Nature Conservation NGOs (local and international), Multi-nationals and other reputable organizations, who share the vision, mission and commitments to promote and support nature and biodiversity conservation at local, national and international scales.

Sponsors: Corporate Bodies Charity Organizations NGOs (local and international),
Multi-nationals and other reputable organizations, who share the vision mission and commitments to funding and supporting nature and biodiversity conservation at local, national and international scales.

Technical Working Group: Private Companies Government Bodies, local and international
NGOs (environmental & Social), Communities, Individuals and Professionals in environment and conservation with considerable expertise and experience in biodiversity, watersheds management eco-tourism, engineering remote sensing and GIS rural social anthropology fisheries, hydrology, etc.

Infrastructure and Projects Working Group: Environmental and Social NGOS, Communities, Individuals, Experts, Professionals with experience in Parks management tourism, hospitality, ICT and transportation Expertise is also required for project identification project formulation, project feasibility and management.

Resource Mobilization Working Group: Government Institutions, Local and International NGOs,
Corporate Bodies, Communities, Individuals with passion or date for conservation and the necessary reputation, clout, contacts and relationships with local and international conservation NGOs, local and foreign donor and charities to attract the desirable, human, material and financial resources to support and manage the Park.

Stakeholders Contact and Mobilization Working Group: Government agencies, Communities,
Environmental Conservation NGOs, Social NGOs, Professionals and individuals with the skills and experience to identify, introduce, contact and mobile the broad range of stakeholders for inclusive participation and contribution to the management of the Park

Remuneration of Participants in the Working Groups:
Participation in the Working Groups will be on pro bono basis. However, expenses pertaining to the activities of the Working Group will be fully covered by the Steering Committee.

Submission of EOI
Interested Government Bodies Institutions Corporate Organizations, NGOs, Individual, Community Organizations, Experts/Professionals should send an Expression of Interest indicating the Working Group they wish to participate in, or whether as Partners or Sponsors, and should attach the resume their qualifications, experience and similar undertakings that they have participated in the past to:

E-mail: onpmgtplan@gmail.com

For additional information, please call;
F.A. Afolabi (Facilitator): +2348033314800
Dr Adesola Adeyemi (Secretary, Steering Committee): +2348032082627

The deadline for the submission of Expression of Interest is 23rd October, 2019

Only selected candidates will be contacted for the next stage of participation

Okomu Oil Palm Company Plc
Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation
Nigerian Conservation Foundation
Leventis Foundation