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E-MAIL: infor@rhemacare.org, rhemacarepartners@yhaoo.com
WEBSITE: www.rhemacare.org
CLOSING DATE AND TIME: 12/08/2019- 17:00HRS

Rhema Care integrated Development Centre is a faith-based, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization based in Port Harcourt with offices in Cross Rivers.

Rhema Care is currently implementing the Sustainable Housing and Enhanced Livelihoods for Transition to Early Recovery (SHELTER) Project in partnership with UNHCR targeted at Cameroonian Refugees in Cross River. The Procurement Unit of the Project hereby calls for quotations from qualified and experienced Civil Engineering and Construction companies within and outside Cross River to bid for the following:


1Construction of 5.29Km stone based Road Surface Road compact the sub grade, provide a sub base course of laterite, a primer coat, and base layer of gravel5.29KmAdagom 3 Ogoja 1 1 Cross River1
2Roads ConstructionAccess Road earth work only without stone base. Provide haul , spread, shape and compact laterite 4km x 6m Rd with 2 culverts (m x Im x 1m)4KmAdagom 3 Ogoja, Cross River1
3Feeder Road earth work only without stone base. Provide haul, spread, shape and compact laterite 3km x 6m Rd (Please note, only 1.5km of the graded 3km x 6m Rd (Please note, only 1.5km of the graded 3km will be laterite)3kmAdagom 3 Ogoja Cross River

Interested vendors/companies are required to request for BoQ template from Rhema Care Procurement unit by email (rhemacareprocurement@gmail.com) or from Rhema Care Office Ogoja on or before Thursday 8, August, 2019

Also Indicate:
(A) Whether your quotations are inclusive or exclusive of service taxes; if not otherwise stated, we will assume your quotes are inclusive of service taxes.
(B) Contract is subject to 5% withholding tax.
( C) Your terms of payment.
( D) Period of warranty your company may wish to guarantee for the construction works if applicable.

Note that quotations are competitive and the procurement unit will advise management within shortest possible time upon receipt of your quotations for issuance of Award letter and signing of relevant documents.

Quotations should be delivered by hand into the Bid Box at Ogoja Field office at Tipper Rd. (after Timaya Bar) Njaman Abakpa on/before 4:00 pm Tuesday 13 August, 2019 quoting the RFQ No in all correspondence and submissions. Bids submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
Vendors who are not registered with Rhema Care procurement unit are required to pick-up vendors registration forms from Rhema Care Ogoja office, complete and submit on/ before Thursday August 8, 2019.

Criteria for Bid Evaluation shall include compliance with technical specification and deadline, registration with CAC and with Rhema Care, technical presentation of proposal, evidence of tax payment, previous experience and technical capacity, competitiveness and value for money, completeness of costing and cost alignment with technical bid. Bids shall be submitted in duplicates on signed letter headed paper of company sealed envelopes. Technical and Financial proposals shall be submitted in separate envelopes.

We would reach you by phone or e-mail after date of closure of submissions and review if the procurement unit selects your quotations.
Only quotations that pass the selection stage will be contacted for issuance of Award letter.

However, you may be contacted by phone or in-person for clarifications concerning your quotations if the committee finds it necessary.

There will be Bidder’s conference or pre-tender clarification meeting where the details of the project shall be clearly explained (and contractors have the opportunity to ask questions) Date: Thursday August 8, 2019; Time; 2pm; Venue: Rhema Care office Ogoja

Award letter may be issued for all or selected items on your quotation list depending on price advantage and quality of services as recommended by the procurement unit

Please note that RHEMA CARE ts not bound to select any of the vendor(s) submitting bids and does not bind itself in any way to select the vendor offering the lowest price. Furthermore, the contract will be awarded to the bid considered most responsive to the needs, as we# as conforming to RHEMA CARE general principles, including economy and efficiency and best value for money