A. The Government of Jigawa through the State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA) hereby invites tenders from reputable contractors for the construction Three Hundred and Eleven Hand Pump boreholes, Twenty Four Water Collection points across 25 political constituencies in the state.

Construction Three Hundred and Eleven Hand Pump boreholes, Twenty Four Water Collection points divided in to 26 lots as per details below:

Lot 1Construction   of 3 Hand Pump Boreholes at Babura Constituency
Lot 2Construction of 17 Hand Pump Boreholes at Birniwa Constituency
Lot 3Construction of  10 Hand Pump Boreholes at Bulangu Constituency
Lot 4Construction of 15 Hand Pump Boreholes at Dutse Constituency
Lot 5Construction  of 5 Hand Pump Boreholes at Gagarawa Constituency
Lot 6Construction of 42 Hand Pump Boreholes at Garki Constituency
Lot 7Construction of 13 Hand Pump Boreholes at Guri Constituency
Lot 8Construction of 13 Hand Pump Boreholes at Gwiwa Constituency
Lot 9Construction of 8 Hand Pump Boreholes at Hadejia Constituency
Lot 10Construction of 16 Hand Pump Boreholes at Jahun Constituency
Lot 11Construction of 19 Hand Pump Boreholes at Kafin Hausa Constituency
Lot 12Construction of 9 Hand Pump Boreholes at Kanya Constituency
Lot 13Construction of 8 Hand Pump Boreholes At Kaugama Constituency
Lot 14Construction  of 33 hand pump Boreholes at Kiri Kasamma Constituency
Lot 15Construction of 23 Hand Pump Boreholes at Kiyawa Constituency
Lot 16Construction of 8 Hand Pump Boreholes at Miga Constituency
Lot 17Construction of 32 Hand Pump Boreholes At Ringim Constituency
Lot 18Construction of 6 hand pump Boreholes at Roni Constituency
Lot 19Construction of 5 Hand Pump Boreholes at Roni Constituency
Lot 20Construction of 10 Hand Pump Boreholes at Sule TankarkarConstituency
Lot 21Construction of 6 Hand Pump Boreholes at Yankwashi Constituency
Lot 22Construction of 12 Water Collection Point at Hadejia Constituency
Lot 23Construction of 2Water Collection Point at Birniwa Constituency
Lot 24Construction of 6 Water Collection Point at Gwaram Constituency
Lot 25Construction of 1 Water Collection Point at Sule Tankarkar Constituency
Lot 26Construction  of 3  Water Collection Point at Yankwashi Constituency
Lot 27Construction of 5 Hand Pump Boreholes at Bulangu Constituency
Lot 28Construction of 8 Hand Pump Boreholes at Sule Tankarkar Constituency

Companies interested in the project are to submit company profile which must contain the following:
(i) Certificate of incorporation/business name registration
(ii) Certified true copy of memorandum and article of association
(iii) Tax clearance for the last three years
(iv) Registration with state works registration board in relevant category
(v) Company’s audited account for the last one year
(vi) Evidence of financial capability and Banking support
(vii) Company profile, organogram and resume of relevant key technical staff, including individual attestation of availability. Include copies of professional certificates with seal and endorsement viii Verifiable evidence of similar projects previously undertaken within the past three years
(viii) Description and list of relevant construction/building equipment
(xi) Annual turnover of not less than N10 million
(x) VAT registration and evidence of past remittance
(xi) A sworn affidavit certifying as follows:
(xii) That document submitted for the prequalification exercise-are not only genuine but correct
(xiii) That none of the director of the company has been convicted by any court law
(xiv) That the company is not bankrupt
(xv) That the none of the officers of Jigawa State/Local government is a present or former director of the company

Interested bidders are to collect bid documents from the office of the secretary procurement committee Jigawa state, RUWASA, Shuwarin, Kiyawa Road, Dutse on payment of non-refundable tender fee of Twenty Thousand Naira only (N20, 000.00). Collection of tender documents shall commence on Thursday 12 December, 2019 between 9:00am to 4:00pm Mondays to Fridays, except on public holidays.

Completed tender documents and company profile with the covering letter of company’s letter head in three copies (one original and two photocopies) shall be submitted in sealed envelope marked with company’s bid invitation number at the top left hand comer to the office of the Managing Director Rural Water Supply And Sanitation Agency (RUWASA), Shuwarin, Kiyawa Road, Dutse before 12:00 hours Thursday 27 December, 2019. Bid opening shall take place at the conference hail of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA), Shuwarin, Kiyawa Road, Dutse by 12.00 Noon same day.

The representatives of the bidders and the general public are invited to witness the public opening of bid. Bids shall be valid for a period of 120 days after bid opening and shall be accompanied with bid security of 2% of the bid price either in form of bank draft or bank guarantee.