Date of this EOI: 21 May 2019
Closing Date for Receipt of EOI: 4 June 2019
EOI Number: EOIRPO16379

The GPSS require the provision of cleaning services including the supply of sanitary and cleaning supplies for the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission’s (CNMC) Office Premises and fleet of vehicles. The Contractor shall be responsible for the day-to-day cleaning of the offices, meeting rooms, toilets, windows, parking garage and the surrounding grounds of the building and vehicles (7 4×4) as necessary.

The successful contractor will provide all personnel, materials, equipment and supplies to accomplish this task with best and high quality.
the bidder/vendor, must be capable to provide the following:
a. Cleaning Services on all working days, excluding CNMC Holidays, but including any National
Holidays in Nigeria.
b. Services to be performed other than Monday through Friday between 08:00 hrs and 17:00 hrs shall be approved and coordinated through the CNMC Project Manager.
c. All common areas can be cleaned from 08:00 hours and all remaining areas shall be cleaned anytime during normal working hours. The Contractor shall submit to CNMC an estimated time schedule for daily cleaning (by office number) and an accurate time schedule by the end of the first month after the Contract commencement date.
d. The Contractor shall, at its discretion and upon CNMC’s approval, undertake the Services outside normal working hours.
e. The Contractor shall guarantee the competency of its operatives and supervisors in the use and storage of all materials, equipment, cleaning and sanitary supplies, as required to be employed in delivering the services.
e. The Contractor shall make available one (1) Supervisor, two (2) cleaners and one (1) gardener to provide services during the regular working hours from 08:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs during Monday through
Friday, excluding Holidays.

f. The Contractor shall provide each employee and supervisor with uniforms. These uniforms must be
clean, neat and complete when on duty. All uniforms must be approved by the CNMC. The uniforms shall show the Contractor’s company name and logo clearly. The Contractor shall bear the cost of purchasing, cleaning, pressing, and repair of the uniforms at no additional cost to the CNMC.
g. The Contractor shall obtain and comply with all local permits required by law, in order to perform its obligations under the resultant contract. The CNMC reserves the right to request a copy of such permit at any time within the Contract duration.
h. The Contractor shall provide four (4) employees on a full time based in the Building. They must have the Secondary Education Certificate and two (2) years of experience at least.
i. The Contractors Employees shall be capable of speaking, reading and writing fluently in the English language.
j. The equipment furnished shall be in good working condition to ensure minimum operating costs,
clean and well maintained, sufficiently modern design and in such quantities which the CNMC shall determine to be beneficial for the effective cleaning operation. Equipment shall have an up-to-date service record, which shall be checked regularly by the CNMC.
The potential Contract shall be for an initial period of one (01) year with an option to extend for two (02) years. The optional contract extension (if applied) will be at the UNOWAS sole discretion and always be subject to satisfactory performance of the vendor and UNOWAS budget availability. The full requirements and details will be provided with a formal solicitation document to be issued at a later stage soon after the closing date of the EOI.