USAID awarded the Global Health Supply Chain Program- Procurement and Supply Management project (GHSC- PSM) to Chemonics International Inc., a parent company of SAII” Associates Ltd/Gte, as the lead contractor. The project provides direct procurement and supply chain management support to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), Population and Reproductive Health, and Maternal and Child Health. The overarching goal of this global project is to ensure uninterrupted supplies of health commodities in support of United States Government (USG)-funded public health initiatives around the world, including Nigeria. GHSC-PSM endeavours to supply lifesaving pharmaceutical and medical supplies and simultaneously build the capacity of government organizations and agencies, as well as health care facilities. SAII Associates Ltd/Gte is implementing GHSC-PSM in Nigeria.

Chemonics also seeks to partner with transporters who would like to develop the skills to transport temperature and time-sensitive specimen, with the capacity to achieve industry-standard performance indicators for shipping and delivery accuracy, and the ability to scale its operational capacity to meet the growing needs of the national integrated sample referral network throughout Nigeria.

The Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and the various state governments are responsible for providing high-quality diagnostic and treatment services throughout the health systems in Nigeria. A key part of achieving this goal is ensuring the optimal operating capacity of various and strategically placed diagnostic equipment across health facilities in the country. Poor testing referral systems for laboratory diagnosis of clients’ clinical samples have prevented full optimization of laboratory diagnostic equipment use, and the prompt management of infectious diseases. The transportation of clinical samples in an integrated manner is a major challenge in Nigeria.

An integrated sample transfer network is currently being implemented in Nigeria using third party logistics (3Pls) service providers to collect and deliver diagnostic clinical samples from health facilities to various testing laboratories across the country, and to collect results from testing laboratories and return to health facilities. The clinical samples include dried blood spot (DBS) for Early Infant Infection of HIV diagnosis, whole blood/plasma for viral load and or CD4; whereas TB samples utilize Sputum, and malaria clinical samples utilize whole Wood or slides for microscopy and detection as well as speciation of malaria parasites. The integrity of samples for diagnostic tests must be adequately maintained through proper sample collection, labelling, picking packaging, transportation, and storage in temperature-controlled environments to ensure quality and acceptable results are generated and reported.
This system has been successfully implemented leading to short turn-around times for results delivery and/ subsequently resulting in timely initiation of treatment for clients. GHSC-PSM is scaling up the implementation of the sample referral system across all the health facilities and disease area testing centers in the FCT. The system/include collection, packaging, transportation and storage practices.

The use of this integrated sample transportation and results delivery model created opportunities to leverage the HIV and TB ample transportation networks, thereby reducing cost and logistics burden. It also boosted equipment utilization and optimization in a coordinated manner. It is envisioned that the GHSC-PSM project will continue to carry out the integrated referral transportation system and will expand the network to cover other disease areas
Please Note: That this is NOT a request for Proposals. GHSC-PSM is seeking to identify and pre-select organizations to receive the RFP based on the criteria outlined below

2.0 Purpose
The purpose of the EOI is to identify interested transporters who would like to work with GHSC-PSM to provide temperature and time-sensitive specimen transportation services. This includes the handling, transportation and delivery of temperature-sensitive biohazard clinical samples and return of reports to designated facilities serviced by a network of medical laboratory testing sites.
The selected subcontractor (s) will implement and follow World Health Organization (WHO) good distribution practices relevant to handling and transportation of such clinical samples as well as Guidance on regulations for the Transport of Infectious Substances 2017-2018 (WHO/WHE/CPI/2017.8). In coordination with GHSC-PSM in Nigeria, the selected subcontractor(s) will build national capacity infrastructure by contributing to the establishment of a sustainable outsourced model for the integrated sample referral network, in accordance to policy guidelines as stipulated in the National Medical Laboratory Strategic Plan (2015-2019), existing national policies relating to specimen transport and all requisite policy documents, and SOPs and guidelines relates to the National Integrated Sample Referral Network (NISRN).

3.0 Prequalification Criteria
Organizations interested in receiving a copy of the RFP shall submit the following documents and information outlined below. GHSC-PSM will select pre-qualified vendors based on the documentation submitted who will be invited to take part in training sessions (pre-offeror’s conference) where they will be instructed on the requirements of the scope of work, the cost implications and guidance on how they could become eligible offerors when an RFP is released.

S/NRequested Documentation
1Summary profile of organization, including the type of organization (e.g. non-governmental), public ownership, contact person and details, (one page).
2Summary of current key high-level employees, and a concise resume of employees with proven competency level to manage a similar transportation services
3Organization summary description of past performance/technical expertise and experience of at least one –two years providing transportation and distribution services.
4Detailed proof (pictures, vehicle registration numbers etc.) of ownership or documented evidence of access to appropriate, well-covered vehicles suitable for the distribution of cold chain delivery services outlined above or proof of being able to obtain such vehicles within 30 days upon award.
5Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) that relevant to management transportation of goods, SOPs can include but not limited to:·        Guidelines for temperature control during storage and transportation·        Guidelines for security of samples during picking, packing transportation and storage·        SOP for Vehicle Maintenance
6Proof of business registration in Nigeria, and relevant license with regulatory organizations for staff.
7Last one-two year(s) (depends on years of existence) audited financial statements.

4.0    Procurement steps:

S/NActivityProposed Dates
1Issuance of EOI5 August 2019
2Final date to express interest (EOI)19 August, 2019
3Evaluation of EOI23 August, 2019
4REF release date26 August, 2019
5Final date for questions about RFP6 September, 2019
6RFP Pre-Offeror Conference (Audio/written)16 September, 2019
7Answers to Questions (in writing)20 September, 2019
8Final date for Submission of proposals30 September, 2019
9Evaluation of proposals/Negotiations23 October, 2019
10Estimated date for Award of subcontracts31 October, 2019

5.0 Contact Information
Please submit expression of interest no later than 19 August, 2019.
Email to

The EOI must align with requested document.
Please note: This is not a request for proposals (RFP). Responses to this call for expressions of interest are not binding on GHSC-PSM and to issue a solicitation, nor does it commit GHSC-PSM to pay any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of comments or EOI. Should GHSC-PSM issue an RFP, only organizations that meet the criteria outlined above and as presented in responses to this EOI will be considered.