Title: Onsite Training of health Care WORKERS ON PACKAGES FOR CHILD HEALTH, Nutrition, Malaria and rountine Immunization in primary Health Care Facilities (PHCs) using the Low Dose High Frequency Approach (LDHF) in Bauchi, Kebbi and or Sokoto states under” USAID Integrated Health Program.

USAID’s Integrated Health Program (IHP) would like to invite eligible nongovernmental organizations (for-profit and non-profit), nongovernmental professional associations, training institutions and other qualified organizations to submit an expressions of interest (EOI) with respect to technical, managerial and other aspects of the program described below. IHP is considering the engagement of strong implementing partners to provide technical support in rolling out of child health capacity building package of interventions to health workers in supported Primary Health Care Centers (PHCs) using low Dose high frequency (LDHF) modular approach. This will involve onsite training, supervision and clinical mentoring of the health workers on child health thematic areas including IMCI, Malaria, Nutrition and Routine Immunization. The roll out will be done in phases, commencing in IHP supported LGAs and facilities in the three states as follows:

i. Bauchi: 14 LGAS AND SPECIFICALLY IN 236 PHCs (the designated 1 PHC per ward)
ii. Kebbi: 11 LGAs and specifically in 122 PHCs (the designated 1 PHC per ward)
iii. Sokoto: 12 LGAS and specifically in 125 PHCs (the designated 1 PHC per ward)

This EOI is open to registered nongovernmental organizations or a consortium of organizations in Nigeria who may or may not be resident in any of the IHP states but ho are technically capable of providing the required in any of the IHP states but who are technically capable of providing the required services ad willing and able to provide on-site training at the primary health care facilities that will be listed by IHP in Bauchi, Kebbi and Sokoto States. This will be a fixed amount award that pays for pre-defined milestones and deliverables.

The goal of IHP is to contribute to state-level reductions in child and maternal morbidity and mortality and to increase the capacity of health systems (public and private) to sustainability support quality primary health care services. IHP provides technical assistance (TA) to Bauchi, Kebbi and Sokoto states Ministries of Health (SMOH) and AGENCIES TO APPLY STATE-OF-THE-ART EVIDENCE AND LEARNING FROM NIGERIA AND BEYOND, TO DELIVER A FIT-FOR-PURPOSE CAPACITY BUILDING APPROACH TO OPTIMIZE HEALTH WORKER SKILLS AND CONFIDENCE TO DELIVER HIG-IMPACT INTEGRATED RMNCH+NM services in the States. IHP will provide technical assistance (TA) to state ministries of Health (SMOH) and State Primary Health CAre Development Agency (SPHCDA) to strengthen system while collaborating with others like breakthrough Action-Nigeria (Ba-N) and Global Health Supply Chain-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) to increase demand for PHC services and improve access to essential commodities respectively.

Instructions for submitting the EOI:
1. Submit a letter indicating interest in applying for one or more state grants, specify which states.
2. Submit a maximum of two-page concept note using the template provided
3. Submit a simple cost estimate
4. Provide evidence of eligibility
5. Show ability and willingness to abide by the terms of U.S. government standard provisions, including the “protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” by accepting the provisions in their award

Full EOI package can be downloaded from this link

All EOI package should be submitted to

All eligible organizations will be invited to submit a full application.

Expression of interest should include:
1. Name and physical address of organizations;
2. Type of organization
3. Name, email and phone number of contact person;
4. Website of the organization (if any)
5. Brief statement describing the capabilities of the organization, including a description of any previous activities of similar scope.

Successful candidates will be required to sign certifications: terrorism, Anti-Kick Back, Debarment, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Grants Team Contact Details:
Representative Email:
Program website:

All submitted EOIs will be reviewed by the grants and Evaluation Committee in accordance with the IHP Grants Manual. Organizations who qualify from the EOI stage will be notified and invited to respond to an RFA and equally attend a bidder’s conference to gain understanding of the grant expectations for the development of a more robust application. EOIs that do not meet the expectation of the EOI stage will also receive a notification from the Senior Grants and Compliance Manger informing them that they will not be moving to the RFA stage.

Please note, Palladium will not award profit under any assistance instruments, such as grants awards. However, all reasonable, allocable and allowable expenses (both direct and indirectly) which are related to the program and are in accordance with applicable cost standards, maybe covered under the grant.

Issuance of the EOI does not constitute an award commitment, nor does it commit Palladium to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission.

Please note that the technical requirements, funding level and other conditions may change significantly before the actual RFA is releases. This is just EOI and not a Request for Application (RFA). Please simply submit EOI at this stage.

Note: This EOI is only open for Ten (10) days from the day of this publication. (29/11/2019)