The Enugu State Government has received a financing from Agence Française de Developement AFD”) intends to be part of the funds thereof for payments under the following project: Institutional Technical Assistance (ITA) to be based in the office of the Honourable Commissioner of Enugu State, Ministry of water resources State secretariat Enugu.

The Services of the consultant shall consist of assistance to accompany the final approval and effective implementation of the Enugu State Water Law. The tasks to be performed include, but not limited to support about the development and implementation of:

i. New statutes for ENSWC focused on urban areas statutes for the Rural Water Supply Agency and Small Town Agency.
ii. Implementation of the recently developed new pro-poor tariff policy and Financial model for ENSWC;
iii. A 3-year performance contract between Enugu State and NSWC, a 5-year business plan for ENSWC;
iv. Assistance to the Enugu State Government in preparing and implementing a redeployment plan of human resources of the water agencies due to the changes occurred within the Law;
v. Costing of passage and implementation of the Water Law including proposed implementation plan and evaluating the institutional needs for ENSWC – Urban to operate as an autonomous agency.
vi. Consolidated estimate of accumulated bills owed and payable to NSW and coordinate recovery mitigation measures from the Enugu State,
vii. Assistance to the reorganization of ENSO with the following activities but not limited to
• Analysis of the efficiency of existing organizational structures.
• Recommendations on measures to facilitate the coordination between the Headquarters and ENSWC Business area units, in order to improve the overall effectiveness
• To work closely with ENSWC Urban senior management to design and implement a new corporate organization
viii. Development of a Private Sector Participation (PSP) models through exchange and bench marking visits

The indicative implementation period shall be two (2) years

The firm joint venture shall present maximum of 15 completed or ongoing relevant similar assignments performed during the last 10 years only. There shall be at least 3 assignments for which the value of the consultancy services, performed by the firm or a member of the JV, must be more than 0.8 million US dollars.

For each similar assignment presented, the consultant shall provide a letter from the Client with the name and contract address of the client (office & email address, and telephone number), dates) of execution, names) of lead and associate firms, contract amount and financing sources.

The Enugu State Water Corporation hereby invites Applicants to show their interest in delivering the Services described above.

This Request for Expressions of Interest is open to:
 Consulting firms
 Individual consultants
 Joint Venture between NGO(s) and consulting firms

Eligibility criteria to AFD financing are specified in sub-clause 1.3 of the “Procurement Guidelines for AFD-Financed Contracts in Foreign countries” available online on AFD’s website: http://www.afd.fr.

The Applicant shall submit only one application, either in its own name or as a member of a Joint Venture (JV). If an Applicant (including any JV member) submits or participates in more than one application hose applications shall be all rejected. However, the same Subconsultant may participate in several applications.

If the Applicant is a JV, the expression of interest shall include: a copy of the JV Agreement entered into by all members, or a letter of intent to execute a JV Agreement, signed by all members together with a copy the Agreement proposal, in the absence of this document, the other members will be considered as subconsultants.

Experiences and qualifications of Sub consultants are not taken into account in the evaluation or applications.
Interested Applicants must provide information evidencing that they are qualified and experience perform those Services. For that purpose, documented evidence of recent and similar services and submitted
Determination of the similarity of the experiences will be based on:
• The contracts size;
• The nature of the Services: Institutional Technical assistance”
• The technical area and expertise: “Institutional and organizational studies/diagnosis
• The location: Experience of working in similar geographical regions
• The Client will also take into account for the evaluation of the applications the following items:
• Skills and availability of in-house technical back-up experts provided to the on-site experts.
• Quality assurance procedures and certifications of the Applicant: ISO 9001 or environmental and social certification.

Due to the security risk in the areas where the Services are to be performed, the evaluation of Expressions of Interest will verify that the applications meet the following criteria:

  • The Applicant has at least one experience providing services in an area with a similar security risk, for which it shall provide proof of implementation of security measures (invoice or contract with a security service provider, proof of security awareness training before departure on-site, etc.).
  • The Applicant has set up internal security management procedures: it shall provide a description of its monitoring system and crisis management system.
  • For services provided abroad, the Applicant has entered into an assistance and repatriation contract for its employees it shall provide the certificate evidencing such contract.
  • The Applicant shall describe its standard preparation process for departure on assignment in sensitive areas, and shall attach documents proving its implementation (service orders with related instructions, certificates of awareness-raising or training actions, etc.).
  • For a JV, its leader and any member that has its registered office outside the Client’s country shall fulfill each of these criteria.

An application that does not meet any of these requirements will be rejected.

Among the submitted applications, the Enugu State Water Corporation will shortlist a maximum of six (6).
Applicants, to whom the Request for Proposals to carry out the Services shall be sent.

The Expressions of interest must be submitted to the address below no later than 25th February 2020

The Project Coordinator
State Project Implementation Unit
Headquarters Building (SPIU)
No. 3 Constitution Road, GRA, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria,
Tel: +2348033265195, +2348037112076

E-mail: nuwsrp@yahoo.com, eze.chidozie2@gmail.com, charleseze96@yahoo.com
Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address above during office hours [9.00am-4.00pm, Mondays-Fridays]

Eligibility criteria to AFD’s financing are specified in sub-clause 1.3 of the “Procurement Guidelines for AFD Financed Contracts in Foreign countries, available online on AFD’s website www.afd.fr

Among the submitted applications, the Client will shortlist a maximum of 6 Applicants, to whom the Request for Proposals to carry out the Services shall be sent. The Client is not bound to shortlist any Applicant.

Note: Please contact Enugu State Water Corporation for a Statement of Integrity, Eligibility,Social and Environmental Responsibility. You can find the document on AFD website (https://www.afd.fr/en/responding-bid-invitation). A signed true copy of the document must be attached to the application