1. The Nasarawa State Government is desirous of utilizing its resources towards provision of basic physical and social infrastructure, goods and services to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of the people.

2. The intervention project will cover the following components:
i. Civil Works: This includes construction/rehabilitation of state intercity roads and Bridges.
ii. Housing project: provision of affordable mass housing in the state.
iii. Repairs and maintenance of all infrastructure of the state.
iv. Transportation: Provision of effective set up of a private sector driven state intercity transport system.
v. Goods: These are plants, equipment, materials and supplies; commodities, textbooks, medical supplies etc. and
vi. Services: Essentially expert advice and training, computer programming, financial management etc.

i. Evidence of registration with the Nasarawa State Tenders Board;
ii. Tax clearance Certificate for the past three (3) years;
iii. Audit account for the past three (3) years; Evidence of competence/experience;
iv. Compliance with extant regulations that have to do with:
a. Employee’s Compensation Scheme (ECS)
b. PENCOM Scheme
c. Industrial Training Funds (ITF) etc;

4. Pre-Qualification:
Only pre-qualified firms will be issued bidding document on any of the desired components.

5. This advertisement shall not be construed as commitment on the part of the Nasarawa State Government to contract any Company; neither shall it entitle any firm submitting documents to claim any indemnity. The State deserves the right to take final decision on any of the submissions received.

Secretary, Nasarawa State Tenders Board,
For: Chairman