The United States Government (USG) through the Global Health Supply Chain Program – Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project in Nigeria, implemented by Chemonics International inc, funds the procurement and supply management and technical assistance for a range of public health commodities. These commodities include HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Family Planning, maternal newborn and Newborn and Child commodities and Rapid Test Kits delivered to health facilities in the 36states and the Federal Capital Territory supported by the USG, Chemonics International Inc, also implements in Nigeria, a contract awarded by The Global Fund (TGF) to fight AIDS, and the Capital Territory supportedTuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund), providing warehousing and distribution services for HIV and malaria commodities financed under the Global Fund grants to selected states and health facilities.

The GHSC-PSM project in Nigeria and the Global Fund/Chemonics project, announce their intention to issue a Request for(RFP)for the provision of pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical grade code chain and non-pharmaceutical-grade warehousing/distribution center services. These services are needed in support of GHSC-PSM in Nigeria’s goal of ensuring uninterrupted supplies of health commodities in support of USG-funded public health initiatives, U.S President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief(PEPFAR), U.S President’s MalariaInitiative (PMI) and other public health initiatives of USAID Bureau of Global Health around the world and Global Fund’s goal of accelerating the end of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria as epidemics.

Please note: That this is NOT a Request for Proposals (RFP) but an Expression of Interest (EOI). Only simple expressions of interest should be submitted at this stage. Interested private business companies and organizations shall be pre-qualified to receive an invitation to the preofferor’s conference and/or the RFP based on the criteria outlined below. The pre-offeror’s conference may be held (based on the interest identified) in March 2020.

In order to continuously respond and improve health commodity supply chain system in Nigeria and support sustainability and reliability of managing the State government-owned warehouses, GHSC-PSM project would like to obtain EOI from the private business companies and organization which is currently working and/or will be working with the State governments to upgrade (if necessary) and maintain the upgraded facilities. The GHSC-PSM in Nigeria project and Global Fund Chemonics project are requesting EOI from financially viable and technically competent warehousing distribution center service providers, for the services described above. Those companies without specific experience in warehousing/distribution center health commodities will not be disqualified, if they can demonstrate they have the technical capacity to complete the scopes of work. Selected vendors may be invited to a pre-offeror’s conference where they will be trained on requirements of the pending RFP.

Organizations interested in being prequalified shall submit ALL the required information and/or documentation listed below.

Services may include warehousing /distribution center services for axial warehousing/distribution centers for pharmaceutical grade cold chain, pharmaceutical grade and ambient health commodities in the following states in Nigeria: Sokoto,
Bauchi and Nasarawa, Warehousing/distribution center services will be as follows: pharmaceutical grade, cold chain (2°C to 8″ cold chain and -30°C to -10°Cfrozen); controlled pharmaceutical grade, and ambient services.
The EOI is required for warehousing/distribution center services from:
i. private business with warehouses facilities (“tum-key services
ii. private business with warehouses facilities which can be upgraded, if necessary, if there is certain “minimum order of services projections”); “presented by the GHSC-PSM project:
iii. private business with warehouse facilities under the lease (with a legally binding agreement/contract, or Memorandum of Understanding signed at the time of responding to this EOI and providing timeline for signing contractor agreement
iv. Public Private Partnership members who have arrangements between the State Government and private business to manage respective State Central Medical Stores (CMS)or any other State Government facilities suitable for warehousing a certain time frame timing needs to be included)

Please note: Technical Assistance to Nasarawa State Ministry of Health was provided by
GHSC-PSM project in Nigeria through assessment of current state of its central medical stored (CMS) and develop a blueprint for the upgrade of the facility to a pharmaceutical grade warehouse. It is expected that private business may be interested to invest in (agreement with the State Government) upgradingCMS in order to provide warehousing services.
Similar to Nasarawa example, Technical Assistance might be provided by the GHSC-PSM project in Nigeria to Sokoto and Bauchi StateMinistries of Health to perform the following;
• Assessment of existing warehouse facilities and their operations (including but not limited to warehouse equipment, special storage requirements, inventory management, temperature control, security, etc.)
• Cost estimate for necessary upgrading
• Recommendation for warehouse management

GHSC-PSM project in Nigeria may further consider providing Technical Assistance and capacity building services to the State Ministries of Health and businesses identified selected by the State Government in the following areas Quality Management Systems (QMS), GoodWarehousing and Distribution Practices, Cold Chain Storage, etc.

Organizations interested in receiving the RFP shall submit the following documents and information outlined below, which will be used to prequalify the vendors. Organizations interested shall clearly state they are interested in Warehousing distribution center services and provide details of their experience and plans. Please find below a set of required documentation to be submitted by companies and organizations interested in provision of warehouse distribution services:

The separate sets of the required documentation shall be grouped and outlined under each of the subheadings –

1. Summary profile of company organization, Mention the type of company organization: non-governmental, public voluntary, civil society, local trust, faith-based organization, university academic, etc, core area of specialization of the organization, ownership, contact person and details (one page).
2Current key high level staff and concise resume of staff with proven competency level of manage similar program warehousing distribution center services.
3Organizations summary description of past performance technical expertise and experience in this area and years of experience. Those companies without specific experience in warehousing distribution center health commodities will not be disqualified but need to provide description that they have the technical capacity to complete the scope of work. For PublicPrivate Partnerships and for business with leased warehouse facility copies of the documents signed confirming the arrangements made.
4Detailed proof of existing infrastructure, equipment facilities and vehicles appropriate forwarehousing/distribution center services described above, or proof of being able to obtain such facilities within 30 days upon award.
5Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for warehousing/distribution center services. SOP: that are relevant to management of warehousing services, can include but not limited to:·         Warehouse Dispatch Procedure·         Stock Card Completion Procedure·         Inventory Accuracy Procedure·         Commodity Return Procedure·         Storage of Cold Chain·         Operations procedure·         Damaged and Expired Commodities·         Warehousing Security and Safety·         Warehouse Receipt Procedure·         Evidence staff have been trained on the procedures, or·         IF no SOPs are present, plan for their development within 30 days upon award demonstrating technical capacity to complete the required Scope of Work.
6Proof of business registration in Nigeria, and relevant license with regulatory organizations for staff Business should be operational for at least 2 years

Steps to follow for this procurement are as follows:

S/NActivityProposed Dates
1Issuance of EOIFebruary 12, 2020
2Final date to express interest (EOI)March 12, 2020
3Review of EOIMarch 19, 2020
4RFP release dateTBD based on the EOI received

Please submit expression of interest no later than March 12, 2020. Email to

The EOI must align with requested documentation

Please note: This is NOT a request for proposals (RFP), Responses to this call for expressions of interest are not binding on GHSC-PSM and do not obligate GHSC-PSM to issue a solicitation, nor does it commit GHSC-PSM to pay any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of comments. Should GHSC-PSM issue an RFP, only companies/organizations that meet the criteria outlined above and as presented in responses to this EOI will be considered.