Enugu State College Of Education (Technical) Enugu- Invitation To Pre-Qualification And Tender (Technical And Financial) For Years 2017-2020 (Merged) TETFund Project Maintenance Intervention 2020R/SX752

College Of Education (Technical) Enugu, Enugu State

DEADLINE: 28TH MAY, 2021 ENUGU STATE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (TECHNICAL) ENUGU P.M.B. 01793, ABAKALIKI ROAD, ENUGU INVITATION TO PRE-QUALIFICATION AND TENDER (TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL) FOR YEARS 2017-2020 (MERGED) TETFUND PROJECT MAINTENANCE INTERVENTION 2020R/SX752 (1.0)  BACKGROUND (1.1)  The Enugu State College of Education (Technical) Enugu is a beneficiary of the Years 2017-2020 (Merged) Project Maintenance Intervention […]

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