Before securing contracts with the Federal Government of Nigeria or submitting EOI (Expression of Interest) for projects by any Federal MDA’s, it is mandatory you register as a Federal Government Contractor and have your business listed in the Federal database for contractors, suppliers, and consultants. The registration is being handled by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP).

Follow the following steps to register your company as a Federal government contractors, consultants, and service providers. The registration is Free

1. STEP 1. Log into the system through the domain;  or the Categorization and Classification System link on the Bureau’s website, and click on an icon labelled “Contractor Registration” to register your firm.

2. Click on Icon Register Now

3. Provide Basic Information which Include Company Name, Company Address and e-mail address to obtain a User-id and Password

4. Check your inbox of the e-mail address provided in step 3 above for your BPP Temporary Contractor-id and Password if not found Please Check your Spam Folder.

5. Use the Temporary Contractor-id as User-id and Password to log-in to Please you can copy and paste the Password. Note: The Password is case sensitive.

6. Provide the following Information

a. Introduction

b. Contact Registration Information

c. Compliance

d. Board of Directors

e. Parent Company

f. Business Category

g. Professional Association

h. Manufacturer Representation

i. Financial

j. Personnel

k. Completed Jobs

l. Equipments

7. After Completion you are required to submit your application.


You can only Print evidence of the Registration Interim Registration Report (IRR) after you might have completed the whole process.

Note: for Business name, NSITF certification is compulsory, ITF and PENCOM may be waived.

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