Kaduna Electricity Distribution Plc (Kaduna Electric) hereby invites reputable and interested solar mini-grid developers to submit their proposals for Interconnected Mini-Grid Acceleration Scheme (IMAS) implemented by the REA with proceeds of Grants and Assistance from the EU and German Government.

This includes the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of interconnected solar mini-grids up to 1 MW across Kaduna Electric’s franchise states in the Interconnected Mini-grid Acceleration Scheme (IMAS).
When completed, the aforementioned projects are to be operated on a commercial public-private-partnerships arrangement based on a sustainable business model in rural under-served communities in Kaduna Electric franchise states where such project(s) would have been economically unviable without this intervention. Support shall be provided only to firms whose proposals meet the following requirements.
Applicants are free to propose alternative and evaluated potential sites with technical studies and justifications. The applicant must prove that all sites shall be developed with an exclusivity agreement drafted according to the template provided by NERC in the Minigrid Regulations, while technical designs must meet the minimum technical specifications.

Proposals will be assessed based on the standard World Bank/BPP eligibility criteria for entities incorporated as a for profit company in Nigeria, as contained in the link below http://rea.gov.ng/rea-ref-imas-3rd-call-proposals.

III. All prospective applicants are to submit evidence of the eligibility criteria on the Odyssey Energy Solutions Platform.

(1) Instructions for registration:
(a) Register your company on REA’s website (http://rea.gov.ng/rea-ref-imas-3rd-call-proposals
(b) Login information to the Odyssey Energy Solutions Platform will automatically be sent to the email ID used for registration. Odyssey Energy Solutions will be used as the tender platform for the Scheme including the selection process (from the stage of the Call for Proposals) as well as monitoring process of the awarded projects.
(2) Instructions for submission of proposal documents on the Odyssey platform.
(a) Create and fill a project for each mini-grid site to be submitted on the Odyssey platform (https://raamas.odysseyenergysolutions.com)
(b) Each preyed (prior to bundling as portfolios) needs to contain the following information:
(i) Site and survey data within Kaduna Disco area,
(ii) Load forecast of proposed service area,
(iii) Generation design done with Homer,
(iv) Distribution design (file format for uploading is .kml/ .kmz)
(v) Financial information
(c) Submit each portfolio/lots separately. After bundling as portfolios/lots, the following needs to be filled/attached for each portfolio:
(i) All documents required under the section “eligibility criteria”
(ii) Business plan as per the sample text boxes provided through the Odyssey Platform prior to submission of the portfolio – you can copy and paste business plan answers from one portfolio to another. Please do not attach any business plan to the submission, answers to the business plan should purely be filled using the Odyssey Platform.
(iii) Financial model using the Odyssey Platform – Note financial models will be submitted for each portfolio separately Financial models can be downloaded from Odyssey, Some of the input needs to be made on Odyssey, while other input, if any, needs to be completed after downloading the financial model. The model with all complete input information then needs to be uploaded again. Please refer to the Odyssey user guide for instructions on how to fill the financial data for this call.
(iv) A filled MYTO tariff tool to justify chosen tariff attached to the data room. The MYTO tariff tool should be obtained/ downloaded from the Odyssey Platform.
(v) Data sheets and manufacturers certificates for the proposed technical products to be attached to the data.
(vi) Project Implementation Plan outlining that a minimum number of customers will be effectively connected by the end of September 2020.
(vii) Applicants are free to submit additional information as numbered annexes by uploading teem to tee data room.

Candidates shall submit their application no later than 12pm (WAT), on 14 August 2019. Any application received later than the mentioned date will not be considered. Please submit all documents exclusively via Odyssey Energy Solutions (https://reamas.odysseyenergysolutions.com). Note that Odyssey offers the option to check your proposal for completeness (not for quality of content) if you submit it on the platform one (1) week prior to the submission date.

VI. Important Information
(1) Failure to provide any of the eligibility criteria documentations shall lead to disqualification.
(2) Submission of fake documents may lead to prosecution as all documents submitted will be referred to the issuing authorities or security agencies for verification.
(3) Kaduna Electric reserves the right to verify all claims including those relating to previous experience and any claim found to be false shall lead to instant disqualification.

(1) This advertisement is published for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer, commitment or obligation by Kaduna Electric or the REA to transact with any party, nor entitle any Applicant to make any claims whatsoever/ or seek any indemnity from the company.
(2) Kaduna Electric or the REA shall not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by any interested party in connection with the preparation of documents or submissions made in response to this invitation or in response to any inquiry or clarification arising from this exercise.


The full and detailed advertorial can be found on the company website (www.kadunaelectric.com).
All enquiries and requests for clarification regarding this invitation may be directed to:
The Managing Director/CEO,
Attn: Chief Engineering and Technical Officer,
Kaduna Electricity Distribution Plc,
No 1/2 Ahmadu Bello Way,
Electricity House,
Kaduna State